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FIFA - Anybody who has acclimated his 86 ST card

83 Son's Activating Angel Looks Like He's Laughing At Anybody That Invested In Him. I bought a 88 for 150k FIFA Coins beforehand today just to authority on to on PS4.

Currently play his 86 in my squad. The 88 is already up to 170ish.

Anybody who has acclimated his 86 ST agenda and was planning on application his MOTM at ST will apprehend it's not account it for upgraded passing, ambit (his acumen shots are already lethal), Stamina, and + 10 strength.

Been application his 86 off and on 3* and 4* upgrade. Just awash him to try out the 89 and I apprehension a MASSIVE aberration from the ST card, the strength, and backbone increases advice massively.

Plus his attempt is even added deadly. So far 9 amateur 12 goals 2 assists in WL. IMO tho!

Tbh I acclimated his aboriginal POTM and he wasn't that abundant but bulk me like 30k so whatever, approved his 86 at ST with 91 Kane next to him and 88 Eriksen behind, and he acquainted weak, his attempt wasn't the greatest but it was decent, 2 weeks afterwards I tried his 88 LF in ST with the aforementioned players upfront, one word, PERFECT.

There is a MASSIVE aberration amid his 88 and 86 ingame and I'd acclaim anyone advancement him or even to 89.

And I'm just sad they didn't put a appraisement affirmation on the Korean squad. All those argent defenders aren't traveling up abundant now.

I had bought a bulk of Korean golds for 400-500 FIFA 17 Coins. Luckily I was able to bifold up on the clutter if he was released.

I was able to assuredly abandoned my club of all the Koreans from the BPM too.