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FIFA - Amend for FIFA 17 pc

news Jan-16-2017

FIFA - Amend for FIFA 17 pc

The fourth appellation amend for FIFA 17 will be accessible on PC afterwards

the abutting of the accepted weekend league. Abstracts on added platforms will

be provided as it becomes available.

Addressed the afterward in FIFA Ultimate team:

Displaying absolute kit on the amateur in the kit baddest screen.

Players will no best be able to set custom amateur positions in Aggregation

Management during gameplay.

An affair in Band Building Challenges area switching a college rated amateur

with a lower rated amateur resulted in the all-embracing band appraisement

traveling up.

Removed FUT architect badge, acme and band name from the FUT Champions

antagonism screen.

Changed the cessation bar clear to accord added detail on affiliation


Addressed the afterward in Career Mode:

An affair area the accepted account accomplishment from the account tab do

not appropriately reflect the absolute account wages.

Visual / Presentation changes:

Improved camera alternative for apathetic motion ambition replays.

Addressed EATV buffering.

Addressed audio antithesis of French commentators.

Gameplay analyst accent for The Journey now defaults to accent called in Bold


Addressed the afterward in gameplay:

Adjusted the arresting band position for low burden tactics.

Addressed an affair area a canyon was fabricated afterwards a button


Thanks to those who’ve provided acknowledgment on Twitter, Facebook, and the

EA Forums. Throughout the beforehand of the FIFA 17 division we’ll accommodate

you with added advice and updates if and if they become available."

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