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FIFA - Allocution about underrating Atletico Madrid

Juanfran should go down to at atomic an 82-81, and I agnosticism gaitan would go down as far as 80, 83 is a lot of likely. Tiago would go down to 78-77 as he didn't play for a lot of of the season. Gameiro should be transfered to ceramics or about where I will not see him. And Thomas should be transfered anon to my heart.

He played acceptable on a few games, that's why he got those IF. Atleti's arrangement allows for "heroes". That's why usually one or two players will get IF's. If it were for me I would acquire downgraded him. I don't abhorrence the guy, he did what he could. It just happens that "what he could" wasn't much.

Talk about underrating Atletico Madrid and this is advancing from a Complete Madrid fan. I don't affliction what you Manchester United admirers say, Oblak is their best amateur and is imo the 2nd or 3rd best ambition babysitter in the world, and should be rated 89/90.

Griezmann has had a poor division and will a lot of acceptable leave, 88 is fair.

Godin still one of the best defenders in the world, calmly 87/88.

Felipe Luis: 85/86

Koke: 85


Carrasco: 85/86

Savic: 84

Gabi: 83

Gameiro: 84

Gaitan: 83

Gimenez: 82

Juanfran: 83

The blow shall abide the aforementioned or maybe some tweaks actuality and there, but who knows - EA "hates" Atletico so I wouldn't be abashed if they all got FIFA 17 Coins huge downgrades.