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Jun-27-2017 Categories: news

Now that all fifa teams accept been released, FUT Coins and anybody has played some amateur with their new favourite cards, it's time for some opinions!

Want to buy a new bond of the teason agenda but don't apperceive how he plays? Ask here! Humans who accept played with the cards can accord their opinions on them, Buy FIFA 18 Coins be it absolute or negative.

Dendoncker TOTS - I’m not exaggerating here, Dendoncker’s 90 agenda is the best axial midfielder I’ve acclimated in any FIFA.

He is 6’2” but feels taller, and admitting the actuality he has 93 backbone he still has 80 antithesis and 84 agility. So basically he has none of the drawbacks tall, defensively able midfielders usually have.

Seriously, just attending at his stats. He has no weaknesses. He even has 4* anemic foot. If I was accepting air-conditioned captious I’d say that his finishing, at 76, can sometimes be black but he’s not in your aggregation to get into the box and you adeptness as able-bodied hit it afore you get there because his continued shots. (And if you do adjudge you ambition him to play added up the bend (and why not?) just put Apache on him and al of a sudden he has 99 finishing.)

Best of all, he’s Belgian and alone costs about 30-35k. He has a blooming hotlink with Najar, a two-footed LB with 4* adeptness moves, and a hyperlink with Tielemans TOTS. In added words, he’s absolute simple to hotlink with a Premier Alliance or Serie A squad.

I sub him into my Argentine aggregation at the start. Yeah, I'm one of those people...but yea he's in fact good.

Got him out of the TOTS untradable SBC and you could do a lot worse. I feel like "cheap Gullit" is befuddled about a lot and I've never had the Coins to use him, but I'd brainstorm this is what he feels like, with Dendoncker accepting a little slower.

GELSON MARTINS - He's one of the best assiduously about imo, he's lightning quick, has 99 agility/balance and backbone in the 90s. With a apache chemstyle his finishing and strenght is suprisingly acceptable and even with a 4* WF, he can blast in finesse longshots like Arjen Robben. He's allways there to recieve cutbacks, and his casual is on point.

I accept annihilation abrogating to say about him, and thoroughly acclaim anybody to try him. He will serve you well.