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FIFA - Advertise TOTS Ronaldo for 400k FIFA Coins

Why is it that the bold gives you no adventitious to affirm that you ambition to advertise TOTS Ronaldo for 400k FIFA Coins but will still present a awning as abortive as this. This one is boilerplate abreast as annoying as the confirmations afore you adeptness the capital menu. Why do I charge to affirm my accent every individual time?

It's tradition! Afore one plays FIFA they accept to play account the flag! X that banderole with adulation and honor.

This is so fucking brainless now EA has me in an calumniating relationship. While I apperceive I could consistently just leave for ProEvo it's just not the same. I've appear ti realised I'm a masacit and EAs bitch.

I dont apperception this because I cycle two squads and it allows/reminds me to about-face afore game.

The point is that they could abolish this warning, afresh you would go beeline to adapt lineup, and afterwards that alpha the bold by acute alpha on your controller!

So the actuality that this admonishing exists in actuality adds an adventitious bang for humans like you and me who cycle with 2 squads.

It is a accessory affair but it saves a button press

System now:

1,You baddest play -gametype- from the capital FUT menu.

2,A admonishing comes up and you aces adapt lineup.

3,You columnist alpha to seek for a game.

New system:

1,You baddest play -gametype- from the capital FUT agenda and automatically go to your squad.

2,You columnist alpha to seek a game.

There may be excuses to back-bite the bold but this isn't it. I assumption that's why they are hiring an UX designer.

If instead of accepting this popup you get beeline to the adapt calendar screen, you could go aback with 1 click, beforehand to bold with 1 bang and adapt your aggregation with 0 clicks to Buy FIFA 18 Coins. With this screen, you charge 1 bang to beforehand to game, 2 clicks to edit your aggregation and 2 clicks to go back.