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Mar-01-2017 Categories: news

MMOgo FIFA Coins - I adulation the actuality that a simple abstraction like OTW cards fabricated a lot of humans in actuality get absorbed in football matches and accept a altercation about it because of the investment possibilities etc. Big upps for EA for this one.

It was a appealing acceptable action alive that my Depay was accepting a huge advancement today. It was like Christmas morning! Now, anybody got any of those gold bottom healing cards? Three account in and he is out for four games.

I invested in a absolute of 1 van Aanholt otw cards, i can alone max advertise him for 70k but his acquaint can go for 150k+

I fell comatose so didn't advertise the otw at what his max was traveling for, got 75 for him, afterwards tax fabricated like 31k profit.

Had to delay for that added 5k tho haha.But ya his bulk has already decreased by 20k so i anticipate next monday or tuesday he will achieve to 40-50k.

Might as able-bodied advertise him for 70K. His IF is already at 70k on day one of its absolution and they're basically changeable aback it's appealing absurd he gets addition IF soon. Typically there's not abundant of a aberration (within 20%) amid the prices of IFs and OTW cards.

I anticipate his OTW agenda will absolutely be account beneath than 70K by the end of the weekend, and it apparently will be aural an hour of if they access the OTW bulk range.

I know, fam, I in actuality affliction about amateur added than if West Ham are playing, it's mad. I watched the fiorentina bold because I invested in 20 Saponara's, instantly awash them and fabricated bags of FIFA 18 Coins profit. I will not acknowledgment if I invested in Payet if Marseille played PSG though.

I absolutely agree! I in actuality admired the OTW-SBC. I approved it abounding times and concluded up befitting my OTW Mané (82), Aanholt (75) and Giuliano (83) all untradeable. In a bulk of a brace of weeks Mané became one of the best cards in the bold(87), Giuliano got a WU (84) and Aanholt is now one of the best LB in BPL (81)!