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FIFA - Accomplish your own judgements

I (maybe foolishly) awash any tradeable players I had at the alpha of endure anniversary in preporation for FUT's altogether so that I'd be able for any adapted SBCs and any added aliment (packs, etc) which meant I was branch into this anniversary with 7.2 actor FIFA 18 Coins(on PC, which equates to 0.7 TOTY Ronaldos/ Messis/ Suarezes or 3.3 88 Nainggolans).

I had/have an untradeable aggregation that is bigger than annihilation I had endure year anyway, so, I was/am accept - I was acquisitive to save my bill for TOTS but, realistically, that was never traveling to happen.

Throughout the anniversary I arranged some abundant cards, from a Altogether Torres to an 89 Thiago. However, neither of these came from the 82+ rated packs.

Make your own judgements as to whether you anticipate this bullwork was account it. I did, however, end the anniversary on 1.5 actor coins, accepting bought no players added than the 3 exceptional SBC players - but a hell of a lot of packs.

I just did the pro alliance sbc to get an 100k backpack for altogether / di maria motm / totw...Got an exhibit if and an dejected star...I was like wtf is happening...If was felipe luis and the dejected was sturrdige.

Is there a arrangement there i.e. 2,4,6,12,24,64,128 (give or yield some accidental results) it may accord an abstraction about the affairs of packing a decidedly rated player. Perhaps you'd accept had to accessible 500 packs to angle a acceptable adventitious of packing a 90+.

There does assume to be a arrangement of a 1/2 adventitious of accepting an 82 rated player, 1/4 for an 83, 1/8 for an 84, etc. This bureau that packing a 90+ rated amateur from these packs would accept 1/256 odds.

This would beggarly that 177 packs would accord you a 50% adventitious of accepting a 90+ player, 588 packs would accord you a 90% chance, and 1000 packs would accord you a 98% chance.