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Mar-17-2017 Categories: news

Biggest affair about this is that there's no warning.Yeah, the amend is allegedly coming. Which I'm blessed for. Butt fuck, EA, let us know, so we're not in the boilerplate of a game,Cheapest fut 17 coins or so we don't annual our big-ticket players to expire during the blackout.

The bulk of humans that will be busted over by this -- WITHOUT COMPENSATION AFTER -- is immense. They will not duke out a individual pack/coins/place in tournament/DNF modifier for anyone. That's shitty.

Incredible that a aggregation like EA can abide to piss off its amateur abject and still do as able-bodied as it does.

Other amateur (eg Destiny) accord you a admonishing on Cheep usually about aliment that's coming, afresh an in-game bulletin like an hour before, and afresh bliss you off AFTER you've accomplished your accustomed bold session.

At the absolute atomic EA could accommodate the Cheep admonishing and in-game admonishing if it's scheduled. If it's the servers traveling down and it's not advised afresh they charge to array themselves out.

Got kicked out afterwards a bold allegedly afterwards counting the points. Ah able-bodied at atomic I had abundant backpack luck tonight. (18 packs from Lacazette SBC gave me Jallet IF, Hero Sergi Roberto, Can IF and MOTM Sommer).

I'm aggravating to accomplish him now. Just bid on a few big-ticket silvers for cheap, so I achievement I get them.I paid 300k in the end not counting the rewards from the packs which about-face it into a profit. I had no backbone though, did them all in one go getting aggregate for BIN so you can do a lot cheaper probably.

I did the same. Accomplished my endure one today (fucking montpellier) and assuredly got SBC Lacazette. Two amateur in and 5 goals already, allegedly the best striker I've used.Yeah he's been amazing for me too so far, but MOTM Tolisso and IF Antonio are the stars of the aggregation appropriate now, administration the top scorer atom and Tolisso aswell accepting the mosts assists.

How does a aggregation that sells an abridged bold and allegedly makes Coinsions in microtransactions fuck up so bad so consistently. I'm not big on Overwatch but I bet Blizzards fucking janitors could antithesis and accomplish fifa bigger than whatever works at EA. (I'm apologetic to any EA agents if you apprehend but your administration are douchemongers)

Because it makes endless of money. They've got no charge to in actuality advance if they accumulate authoritative an atrocious bulk of money.Players charge to anticipate with their wallet.