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FIFA - Abstract needs added variety

I accept played 200+ drafts this year, at atomic 100 aback TOTS, and I consistently get the aforementioned bulk 100 players, afresh added players randomly. I've never already apparent a TOTS Giuliano, TOTS Quaresma etc. Would adulation to see these more.

I don't anticipate I've anytime had a abstract breadth a adaptation of Filipe Luis hasn't been an option. It's mental. Aswell while ronaldo and messi arise everytime, suarez is nowhere. I consistently end up FIFA 17 Coins with if array at ST.

I about consistently end up with Neymar on the left, Messi on the right, and a 4 chem Ronaldo up top. ST Ronaldo and (especially) Suarez are cool attenuate in draft.

The abstract is acutely tailored to the bigger leagues. This is allegedly done to ensure that a assertive bulk of allure is achieved.

There needs to be a acceptable antithesis to accessible allure and array in leagues and nations. Hopefully EA can advance this in FIFA 18.

Cant explain how authentic this is. I've aswell played about 250+ drafts and it's ridiculous. You will ALWAYS get one of Neymar/Messi/Ronaldo but that's not even my gripe.

I feel like I see Filipe Luis, Modric basically every draft, way too abounding La Liga/EPL players, even in scenarios breadth the aboriginal amateur I accept isn't from that league.

Why do I never get the befalling to get TOTS Dendoncker or even Dost?

I ambition it was added like Madden breadth you alone get a few top rated players, and afresh you're ashore with lower rated golds/silvers. And afresh the endure amateur you abstract is a legend.

Also should just do abroad with chem altogether to accessible up the achievability of creating a aggregation with players from any league.

That accepting said it would be simple to get busted with your squad, and humans aswell adore application all the top rated players, so can't in actuality win with this.

One affair Madden does so able-bodied is accepting a chargeless abstract as well. i play a ton of amateur adjoin a associate and we just consistently use the chargeless draft. it's fun accepting a new play book and players to use every time.

They should do something agnate to NHL. In NHL you accept to accept a affair a the alpha of the abstract (exemple: over 35 years old/canadiens amateur only/only amateur that went to the all stars game/...).

By accomplishing that you could force humans to go with added affair than la liga/Bpl.

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