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Jul-30-2017 Categories: news

Anyone abroad feel like Weakfoot should be it's own stat? I kinda feel like weakfoot should be a carbon of its own, FIFA 18 Coins affectionate of like accord (not beneath a specific class like passing, shooting, etc., but added of a carbon affecting the amateur as a whole).

Players like KDB and Ronaldo who are amazing on their weaker bottom but allegedly aren't acceptable abundant for 5* Weakfoot (according to EA) get screwed.

They get lumped in such a ample bin of players who accomplish proportionally as able-bodied on their weaker bottom as the cast of Ronaldo and De Bruyne.

If it's authentic that a Weakfoot brilliant represents 20% of a accustomed carbon on a weaker foot, afresh Ronaldo abandoned has 74 finishing on his larboard bottom which does not reflect complete activity at all.

Should a new arrangement be implemented he may acquire 90 Weakfoot, apery 90% of anniversary stat. This would accord him 84 finishing on his larboard foot.

Although I still advanced that's a little low, it's a simplified example. Just a anticipation though, capital to apprehend you guys and your opinions!

If we knew what accord or for that bulk any carbon in actuality did afresh all this would matter. But how it is now is just all these stats we assumption and assumption and assumption and acquire no idea.

Until they accomplish all stats authentic and cellophane afresh it's in actuality just by feel.

Composure affects how the amateur reacts and plays beneath burden in the the bold acc to EA. Whether is accepting 1-0 down or amends shoot-outs,or if your opponents accolade affairs and assertive you etc.

I beggarly those statements beggarly in actuality annihilation admitting and are ambiguous... abnormally if accord doesn't change from a 81 Torres to a 91 Torres or any upgraded card.

There's way added to it and my assumption is accord is anchored on any amateur put into the database. How would EA explain exceptional sbc Torres and attenuate gold Torres accepting the aforementioned composure?

One is a accomplished prime atletico air-conditioned sub and one is a top 5 striker in the world.

Well,we acquire no best added than assertive EA on this,It's their bold and they say this is how things work.They will not be added cellophane with their bold from now on.

But my point is there's annihilation to believe. They in actuality told us annihilation of how it's acclimated in game. They don't even acquaint us how annihilation works.

It's bright as day if you acquire 100 chem playin 75 chem the 75 chem aggregation is helped and your aggregation is nerfed (given amateur accomplishment is comparable) we don't even apperceive how the capital allotment of UT (chemistry) is in actuality congenital in game.