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Mar-05-2018 Categories: news

First they didn't advancement added than bisected that deserved of cheap FIFA Coins. And why be so conservative, aren't we declared to accept fun?

And on a ancillary note. Why can't we play with absolute activity acceptable players and be competitive? Why do we charge to use bakayokos and the brand but not Busquets, Kroos?

Is this advised bold architecture or is this a bug that charge fixing? If so why does it yield so long.

A appraisement brace should be a REAL appraisement brace not just add +1 of every stat.

If Salah denticulate so abounding goals, accord him top cutting stat. Delph played in actuality acceptable at LB accord him a 78 LB agenda with in fact altered stats.

Kroos and Busquets are NOT that slow, advancement their pace, even +10 clip would be great, although they possibly deserve added than that.

Meunier had a appealing acceptable alpha of the season, why not up his cutting by like 4 just for fun?

Morata played clumsily bad, why advancement him? Nelson Semedo abandoned 76 defending? That's a joke. Paulinho with 69 strength? Let's not altercate that.

Ederson 84 kicking? Please...

There are so abounding added out there that are just wrong, EA could just in fact brace the ratings of some players even if it meant giving them +6 Ratings, Bruno Fernandes has been arena amazingly well, he should accept an 82 rated agenda based on his performances so far, but what will they accord him? Allegedly a 79... It's disappointing.

Busquets 40 clip is in actuality bad absorption on his agenda but at guardiolas barca he didnt in actuality bare clip or any concrete attributes beacuse of their appearance of play.

If you would ambition to charm that appearance of play or any added that doesnt absorb accepting all players pacey you will just suck.

How would you advance they accomplish players like Busquets viable? I abandoned don't ahead they can because what makes players like that appropriate is their adeptness to apprehend the game. In FIFA, that aspect is controlled by the player.

Make casual viable. Let Busquets do no ambit 180°, aboriginal blow passes but if Bakayoko tries the aforementioned he should abort pathetically.

They even implemented that(kind of) 2 or years ago if arresting didn't bulk and anybody acclimated a James-Iniesta-Modric midfield but buy FIFA 18 Coins took it out of the bold afresh so that they can acquaint it as "new" affection next year or the year after.