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FIFA - A huge cull from a bread standpoint

Playing WL and accomplishing SBCs this year has fabricated me apprehend how crazily harder it is to backpack annihilation crazy.

In all my endless packs, I've had three walkouts and they were all about bad (Ribery, Alba, Kroos). I've had one IF agenda annual ~100k (Parolo).

I did administer to get 78 rated OTW Gabriel Jesus from a winter OTW pack, which was a huge cull from a bread standpoint, but that about doesn't calculation aback those packs are affirmed a appropriate card.

Apart from that and my red monthlies, I've basically arranged annihilation but bits all year. TOTS Kagawa from FIFA 12 is the abandoned 84+ rated IF I've anytime packed, excluding WL annual rewards.

Your otw abandoned makes it up but what happened to you happened to me aswell somehow, im abounding with abjure by accomplishing the sbcs.

I abandoned profited from pro alliance sbc , i ambition i had my apperception accessible if i acclimated suarez in the luiz sbc but hey the ablaze ancillary is i don't use him and he will get a TOTS.

Never got beneath than gold 2 and done just about every sbc that rewards a pack. Still accept not got a exhibit and Buy Fut 18 Coins abandoned one gold IF Brozovic (RM) who awash for 15k.

I accept chock-full amphitheatre the weekend alliance endure ages as the packs just aren't annual it for me. I accept got a activity my annual has been blacklisted or something.