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Nov-14-2017 Categories: news

I've been browsing accoutrement afresh and bygone I larboard a animadversion adage I was traveling to explain why I anticipate the Overwatch arrangement would clothing us FIFA gamers perfectly. Actuality it is, as promised to Buy FIFA 18 Coins.

First of all, the Overwatch arrangement has some flaws in my opinion. It isn't perfect. But if activated accurately by EA (lol yeah, that'll happen) it could prove to be abundantly benign for anybody in the FUT community.

Qualifying for advancing FIFA

A clash to authorize or accepting a aboriginal analysis player. Fucking seriously? No bold that aims to be an eSport has such a antic advancing system.

Forcing abandoned "winners" to play fucks up the purpose of advancing alltogether. One should be able to play advancing afterwards 50 amateur played. DNF's don't count, contrarily humans would achieve new accounts just to authorize and corruption the system. Afterwards 50 amateur you accept a basal compassionate of the bold even if you're new to the franchise.

The Weekend League: We all accede that it's fucking shit

Seriously, we say this endless times, the abstraction of accepting affected to play 40 amateur anniversary weekend is garbage. And yeah, "no one is banishment us to play yaddah yaddah" fuck off. If you're a advancing player, even if you're not that good, you still ambition to play the games.


With anybody accustomed to play competitive, a new arrangement could be implemented. You get believability from anniversary win, you lose believability for anniversary defeat and you don't accretion or lose believability with anniversary draw. DRAWS ARE PART OF FOOTBALL (and allotment of competitive games, too).

The WL is consistently open. No added ailing 40 bold weekends.

Here's a little example:

999 and below: Brownish 3

1000-1199: Brownish 2

1200-1399: Brownish 1

1400-1599: Argent 3

1600-1799: Argent 2

1800-1999: Argent 1

2000-2199: Gold 3

2200-2399: Gold 2

2400-2599: Gold 1

2600-2799: Aristocratic 3

2800-2999: Aristocratic 2

3000 and above: Aristocratic 1

With these believability as an example, we could say the abject believability you get per win is 10, and you lose 10 with anniversary defeat. You're abandoned akin adjoin players that are aural 50 believability of your accepted rank. No added arena Silvers as an Elite. It's asinine that it happens. I mean, it makes no faculty for humans to alpha the accepted architecture 11-2 and accomplishment 20-20 because "ELO kicked in lol". It doesn't achieve faculty and it's fucking frustrating.

Elite 1 players with the a lot of believability anatomy the Top 100.

Also, if you alpha arena advancing for the aboriginal time, you charge to play 10-15 "Placement matches" that will acquiesce you to be placed in a rank according to your accomplishment level.