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May-20-2019 Categories: news

Dear people,

MM is asleep and has been aback about the alpha of the game. I remembered endure year talking with my accompany blockage football to see which bold it could be, and sometimes EA would shock us and bandy in a actual shitty game. But it was fun aback you could advance based on your predictions and accomplish like 40-50k added which was consistently nice.

Now that the football division concluded in about all the big competitions we will apparently see abundant amateur such as Kaiser chiefs - orlando pirates and La equidad adjoin Atletico civic for the abundant accolade of maybe a prime gold amateur haversack as completion.

But what if EA in actuality would accomplish MM added absorbing by authoritative TOTS MM. ( abundant like UCL MM)

These would abide of abundant amateur played over the division the agnate league.

For archetype this friday it will be about assertive that that it would be the PL and Eredivisie.

What EA could do is accomplish 4 amateur that were acutely important for the appellation run in the corresponding competition.

# Liverpool- Man United

# Feyenoord -Ajax

# City-limits - Chelsea


The requirements can be top aback the accolade should aswell be higher.

# Lets say that for the bold Liverpool - man affiliated you would allegation 2 liverpool players and man affiliated players and 81 rated squad. (liverpool and man affiliated players will apparently go to 8-9k each)

# Feyenoord ajax (5 eredivisie players 80 Rated) (high rated eredivsie players ziyech and de ligt will go to 8-9k each)

# City-limits - Chelsea ( 5 players city-limits or chelsea 82 rated) (Kepa will assuredly be aloft 6k)

# Az - PSV (2 players az and 2 psv 76 rated eredivisie) (PSV and az golds will go to maybe 3-4k each)

The rewards could be able lets say 25k packs, Eredivisie exceptional amateur packs, PL exceptional amateur packs and such.

The all-embracing achievement accolade could be an TOTS Amateur aces with abandoned PL, FIFA 20 Coins sale and Eredivsie amateur picks (since EA in actuality loves advance amateur picks down our throat)

This way they bazaar will in actuality fluctuate, in absolute we would accept 3 TOTS players a anniversary ( in aggregate with the affirmed TOTS sbc) which in IMO is oke, we are in the end aeon of fifa. Casual players accept abundant bill to do a MM like this which at a lot of will be 80-90k. Rewards will assuredly be adapted afresh and the all-embracing costs of cheaper TOTS will go down due to college supply.

Hope you guys agree.