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​FIFA 20 - What abroad do you ambition to see in the nextgen FIFA

news Jun-04-2019

​FIFA 20 - What abroad do you ambition to see in the nextgen FIFA

Do you anticipate we will we see a big advance on gameplay and cartoon on the next gen FIFA? I beggarly there is aberration amid FIFA on the PS3 and PS4, but do you anticipate we will see some big changes in the cartoon in the next gen?

What do you anticipate should be afflicted in the game? Some things I anticipate should be changed:

- Aboriginal off all, try to browse a lot added faces of the players, at atomic the bigger 4-5 clubs in EVERY league. Affronted of arena Fenerbahce VS galatasaray breadth bisected of the players looks like Wii characters.

- What the admirers are babble in complete activity is what I ambition in the game. I've been to a Fenerbahce and galatasaray bold and active to the admirers was something I accept never heard before. Those admirers apperceive how to abutment a club! Not abandoned for these club, but a lot added clubs too.

- Afresh try to get 2-3 stadiums from every alliance (beside big leagues like EPL, La Liga and so on). Arena champions alliance approach on FIFA 19 sucks if you are in a accumulation of the champions from accessory leagues but their amphitheater is not in fact the complete one. Makes the approach beneath enjoyable. (Yeah the bold admeasurement will be a bit bigger but it's time we get at atomic 1 TB on consoles).

- One of the a lot of important things! AGGRESSIVE CELEBRATIONS! I ambition a anniversary breadth the goalscorer goes out of his apperception afterwards scoring a goal. This anniversary will be complete in the endure minute goals.

- Actualization the reactions of the subs and drillmaster afterwards missing a chance. Or actualization them accepting affronted afterwards a amends and so on.

- Achieve EVERYONE, the arena players, subs, drillmaster anybody run into the bend if the goalkeeper saves the endure amends in amends shootouts.

- VAR: Add var to this game. Image scoring in a offside, and the adversary has a befalling to achieve the adjudicator attending at VAR. But searching at VAR should aswell accept a abrogating side, like demography a min to complete, buy FIFA 20 Coins so humans who is 100% abiding that VAR will not accept an aftereffect on the episode, will accept no acumen to decay their own time.

- Achieve fights added advancing (not punching but accusation and all players advancing to the arena and so on)

- Added commentators, affronted of Martin Tyler.

And I apperceive some of these will be a lot of plan for EA. But they aerial millions of dollars every yeah and they needs to achieve above improvements to the game.

What abroad do you ambition to see in the nextgen FIFA?