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Jun-12-2019 Categories: news

Bought him for the WL, scored 29 and 15 assists in 30 games. Finished G1.

Here are some highlights on the card:

Ball control is next to none, silky smooth, only lacking in skills, however i'm not a skiller, so that's alright.

Agi/balance extremely good plus 90+ str, he rarely gets pushed off the ball.

4 star WF is amazing, almost felt like a 5 star.

Another stat people might overlook is passing, his short passing and through balls are amazing. with the close control and the agility he could receive the ball, turn and make a through ball easily.

His heading ability isn't bad either, i've scored 5 headers with him. he does not out jump VVD or PIM Blanc, but his positioning and strength gives him the advantage on headers.

I sold my NIF CR7 for Suarez, and i have no regrets. Cr7 was clunky even with engine. the only area CR7 might be better is heading, but if you dont cross much like me, Suarez is better in every other aspect.

Got him in my WL rewards. Been an absolute champ. Easily the best striker i've played with this year, and like you i'm not much of a skiller so his skill set suits me fine.

I like forwards doing decent runs and having a mean shot on them, Suarez fits that bill.

It's annoying though because he's scummy as a person, but I also had CR7 earlier in my team so I'm a hypocrite, no problem.

Getting him has meant i shifted my team to fit him but it's been worth it so far. Still getting my head around TOTS Dembele though FIFA 20 Coins, can't tell if he's actually good or not!