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Jul-04-2019 Categories: news

1, Online tournaments on FUT with access requirements: Would add a aggressive but accidental bold approach so you could play the bold afterwards advancing up adjoin bathed Icon teams.

2, Add a 'trophy cabinet' on Career Mode: It'd be abundant if you're 10 years into a career to attending at a awning with all the trophies you've won, brainstorm accepting Alliance 2, MLS, La Liga, FA Cup trophies all lined up next to anniversary added to attending at. I apperceive its not a huge accord but it'd be a nice addition.

3, Achieve backpack weights fairer: I anticipate until TOTS the bulk of airing outs I got in the accomplished year of FUT was beneath than 20, the allowance are just too low.

4, Boards should be 84-86, Walkouts 87+: This just makes faculty to me personally, there's not abounding 83s that are annual that much, a lot of 84s accept a acceptable bulk of bulk so if you get a boards you apperceive you accept got something decent.

5, Stop the brawl travelling through players bodies: Whether this favors me or goes adjoin me I abhorrence it, this needs to be anchored ASAP.

6, Fix Futchamps rewards: I don't play it abundant at all but for those who do play it I brainstorm accepting a 83 rated CM or worse in February was ambrosial useless, maybe achieve them angry into accepted promos.

7, Affirmed TOTS Sbcs should be absolutely random: It's the time of the year area FUT should get fun, giving players an according adventitious to get the best or affliction of anniversary TOTS accumulation should be a allotment of the game, aswell if you get a applesauce agenda you'd feel afflicted rather than busted over.

8, Fix the accommodation arrangement on Career: Apparently LOSC Lille can accommodation Lewis Cook from Bournemouth but if I try to get Ampadu (who is way down the pecking adjustment at Chelsea) they're not searching to accommodation him out at this time. It's just arresting if I see the AI simulate aboriginal aggregation players accepting loaned out but will not let me get in on the action.

9, Stop players allurement to get played on career if I'm acutely not gonna play them: No I'm not arena my 64 rated striker in the Champions Alliance semi-finals, he can delay till an simple bout adjoin a basal of the table alliance if he's lucky.

10, Fix the bang off glitch: I don't apperceive what absolutely causes this but it absolutely does abide and I anticipate we can all accede is a affliction in the arse.