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​FIFA 20 - The change of this sub

news Oct-06-2019

​FIFA 20 - The change of this sub

2019: casual is too simple and unrealistic 2020: casual is broken.

2019: branch is too simple and unrealistic 2020: branch is broken.

2019: dribbling is too simple and unrealistic 2020: dribbling is broken.

2019: acceleration bureau annihilation bc defenders can bolt up too calmly and it's unrealistic 2020: acceleration is broken.

2019: One blow cutting is too simple and unrealistic 2020: cutting is broken.

So either one of two things has happened. Either we created a monster, or we're abashed of change. My claimed belief, it's about in between. There are frustrations to be had, abnormally defenders acceptance attackers to airing by, but contrarily the adventurous is way added realistic, which was absolutely what we asked for. As an archetype amuse see the ambition Mane array today adjoin Leicester, and the ambition Leicester denticulate in response.

Thegodfather-PT said that...

- Casual was in actuality too simple on fifa 17 or 18, you could in actuality ping-pong from one end to the other. It was accomplished in fifa 19. In fifa 20, because of adjournment casual can be abominable at times.

- Branch was too simple in fifa 19. But it is about absurd in fifa 20. This isn't how you fix the issue, you don't go from accepting too simple to accepting impossible. Yes they should accomplish it harder, there should be accomplishment involved, but now you could in actuality blooming time a attack and it wont go in. They basically charge to acquisition a balance, not go from on acute to the other.

- Dribbling was accomplished for me in fifa 19, and it still is accomplished for me in fifa 20. I see absolute few humans accuse about dribbling.

- Endure year clip was broken. This year it's fine, if you can get your antagonist with 90+ clip in abaft it should be harder for your CB to bolt up.

- In fifa 19 cutting was broken. Simple shots would go advanced but you could account a announcement from alfresco the box aboriginal time. This year I in actuality adulation shooting, and afresh I see absolute few humans accuse that cutting is an affair in fifa 20.

The affair about fifa 20, is that it is so abutting to accepting acceptable but it's just not there. The aboriginal affair they charge to abode is how above this adventurous can be, not registering accomplishment moves, passes, and shots.

One of the added things is to either gives us a way to adverse bead aback 1 abyss + fast body up, or nerf it to point that humans who corruption it get punished.

Fixing amateur switching is addition affair that needs to be done, it is still absolute inconsistent especialy if application the appropriate stick.

And afresh there are a cogent bulk of bugs that cheap Fut 20 Coins charge to get anchored asap, like the actuality that LF/RF at times alpha the adventurous at the bend flag, the actuality that GK's accumulate parring assurance if they can bolt them, they charge to either abolish exercise or fix it, and so on.