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Jun-09-2019 Categories: news

I anticipate this year EA has taken their poor accomplishment too far.

It's too abundant amateurishness and ineptitude. What is it at now for mistakes, over a hundred now?

The bold has been out for like 8 months, 240 canicule about ish, FIFA 20 Cheap Coins about a aberration every added day, that's an unacceptable akin of accomplishment for any company, abnormally a multi-billion batter company.

In antecedent years, it's been funny, they've been poor acutely but we've never apparent the cutting akin of amateurishness apparent this year in any added abundance of Fifa.

My approach is they over-work a bound amount of agents so as to maximise profits, and the over-work can advance to mistakes accepting fabricated consistently at a about low level.

Company wide, accepting a PR guy like Zaro absorb bisected his time adage 'oh yeah just cat-and-mouse for answers' is a joke, 24hrs+ on a reside bold to fix an abundantly simple affair that SHOULDNT EVEN HAVE BEEN WRONG IN THE FIRST PLACE is unacceptable and is ranks laughably if compared to competitors (if you can alarm them that if EA acutely has a cartel on Football)

Seriously, analyze them to agnate companies, shockingly bad. There is something actively amiss with their FIFA reside team, I annual it'll appear out they're understaffed and busy to maximise profits and if that's the case what would be absurd is an bearding whistle-blow from aural the aggregation or the actual atomic EA accompany it to attention I play added games, it's not exaggeration to say EA is the affliction Video bold aggregation by a mile, and it's player-base shouldn't accept to accord with this akin of incompetence.

Something needs to change, it isn't funny anymore, it's a sad old antic and it needs to stop, Fifa needs to accompany the bearing of top superior PR and customer service.

Also anyone needs to accord with their monopoly.


This year is too far in agreement of amateurishness and I doubtable over-work and understaffing is a factor.

It's too abundant this year, too abounding mistakes and a accepted unacceptable levels of incompetence, humans in the association charge to adios this or it will accumulate happening.