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​FIFA 20 - Some thoughts on the demo

news Sep-11-2019

​FIFA 20 - Some thoughts on the demo

YES, I apperceive this is an earlier body and that there are added things to accede as well.

BUT, brawl physics are abundant better, bold feels nice because of that FIFA 20 Coins. Arrest is easier but added acceptable because you can abort an antagonist afterwards accident the brawl appropriate afterwards you accomplish a tackle.

I like the new cutting animations and because of the altered brawl physics finishing feels nice as well!

I approved the attack dribbling and ambience up a attempt for yourself, it looks acceptable to do but I don't apperceive if it will be a able tactic in aggressive games.

They did able-bodied to accord with alternation dribbling , assuredly no added connected la croquetas...

My aboriginal few chargeless bliss were a alternation bones but already you apprentice em they feel about added acceptable to hit.

I alone am underwhelmed by Volta. The architecture looks nice but it doesn't actually feel like FIFA artery should.

The dribbles are agnate to those you can accomplish in bang off as able-bodied and it just doesn't feel as fun as you'd apprehend it to me. Hopefully it's bigger in the final adaptation of the game.

Overall I am adequate the demo, it's just fun to play. Let's see how the final bold turns out.

Side notes:

Mbappe ( expectedly ) is ridiculously OP. Unstoppable on the run, his dribbling is amazing and his finishing is lethal. He's traveling to be antibacterial teams abnormally aboriginal in the game.

Neymar has a new amends demography action which looks appealing cool. I'd adulation altered animations on abounding added superstars.