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​FIFA 20 - Promo Agenda Diversity

news Sep-05-2019

​FIFA 20 - Promo Agenda Diversity

Of all the promotions during FIFA 19, numbers of cards accept been acutely heavily European dominated. Now, I do apprehend the best leagues in the apple and a lot of accepted leagues, are amid in Europe, but I don't anticipate that's abundant of an excuse for the abridgement of assortment in agreement of leagues in appropriate cards this year. Inclusion of lower leagues, has no abrogating in my opinion. It abandoned adds to the character of squads, and even allegation for Icons to hotlink the aggregation calm in some cases.

Below, I've listed and organized all promo cards (Not TOTW) by their appliance to the market, and obtainability:

Available on Market*

North America: 0

South America: 0

Europe: 146

Other (Asia, Middle East, etc.): 5

SBC cards*

North America: 5

South America: 1

Europe: 110

Other (Asia, Middle East, etc.): 6

*Not including TOTS, POTM/POTY, Alliance SBC, UCL/EUL, or MOTM cards

(Note: Numbers may be off by one or two, accustomed I'm animal and had to manually calculation anniversary Promo card. Apologies if I miscounted!)