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Jun-05-2019 Categories: news

Boy oh boy was this anniversary special. So i did about 40 81+ amateur picks and this is what i got from them...

- A agglomeration of riberys

- A agglomeration of sule

- A agglomeration of coman

- A agglomeration of tolissos

- Some shitty players

- Alaba

- Thiago

- Neuer yeahhhhhh best babysitter anytime man this guy play like complete activity you'll acquisition him air-conditioned in the midfield -muller.

Now for the appetizing part.

- Got da costa active This guy is an complete bully, tackles all-overs pushed all in one amalgamation a authentic daydream adjoin those hazards.

- Kostic an exact mirror of da costa but with crazy stats abnormally for corners with 99 99 99 as casual stats!

- Kruse: A VERY appropriate card. His potm was bad in my assessment but this one is crazy. You charge to apperceive how to play with him. Its basically boils down to 2 options of FIFA 20 Coins, if awash achieve a nice canyon with those nice stats or B columnist the cutting button put some sunglasses and adore the rockets!

- Trapp. Like the name says it... Allurement decay of bill usefull abandoned for sbcs.

- Demirbay: he is about on the bend but i dont in fact apperceive where?!

Other players:

Tots hazard: Complete fun player, i play him on the left, his cutting is okayish so i use him to cantankerous or to distill opponents.

Tah tots: Humans sah he turns like a truck... Able-bodied yeah but aswell acts like one, no cantankerous will canyon him... 99 réactions so yeah hes a barbarian that will annoyer that 94 auba! Get him you will not regret.

And the endure but not least: GORETZKA, HE FEELS LIKE GORETZKASSSSS ON THE PITCH THIS GUY IS EVERYWHERE EVERYWHERE EVERYWHERE... that's just crazy this guy will avert abreast the goal, achieve a canyon to the midfielder next affair you apperceive he is on the adverse ancillary cat-and-mouse to shoot the ball! Incredible at aggregate just get it hes the best cdm cm cb st player! He will in fact be there anniversary time youll charge him.

That's it for me accord out guys!