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​FIFA 20 - I like the AI arresting nerfs

news Oct-03-2019

​FIFA 20 - I like the AI arresting nerfs

I like the AI arresting nerfs, but I anticipate they charge to be tweaked a little bit for through brawl situations.

I acknowledge that arresting has been fabricated added difficult this year. It's advantageous if you accouterment successfully, and that's good.

The AI nerfs formed alluringly to stop humans from parking the bus and basically traveling afk - they would ascendancy their CDM and hunt you down, cautiously in the ability that the AI will do the blow of the work. I'm animated that's dead. That was shit.

However, I've begin that these aforementioned nerfs are causing issues in top abyss situations, abnormally adjoin adverse attacks and through balls.

Against an average-depth defense, all I accept to do is hit a harder through brawl up to a striker with 85+ clip and I'm through on goal, every individual time.

The defenders about-face so ailing and get rekt for pace. The AI has in fact no intuition and let the brawl run through them, and if you accidentally about-face to the amiss player, you've about conceded a goal. It's crazy how simple it is.

I don't wish to play 1 abyss to adverse this, but I adumbrate that abounding humans will eventually resort to this, just to cut out the through balls.

See now all the 'manual arresting is wonderful' guys are cogent you its ok, just clue the runs.

However as a top div 1 amateur endure year i was acclimated to accomplishing this anyway, but lets affectation a hyperthetical question.

The adversary has the brawl with a cam active at you and he has two ai attackers authoritative runs.

The AI defence now wont clue the runs, so you accept to manually clue two runners.

Now acutely you can't do that, but even if you did whose closing down the amateur controlled cam??

How do you accord with AI attackers authoritative runs while AI defenders don't clue them?

I get the annoying activity the acknowledgment is 'dont get bent on the counter', cheapest Fut Coins 20 and if you do 'take a adventitious and pray'.

And that in about-face makes me anguish every try harder (i.e everyone) is traveling to end up arena 1 depth, 8 men in the box and 3 quick guys up top to counter.