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​FIFA 20 - Four letter chat for my WL opponents

news Jul-11-2019

​FIFA 20 - Four letter chat for my WL opponents

So like anybody abroad I bought Fred at the alpha of the bold and anticipation his gold agenda was absolute OP. Waited all year for him to get an advancement and it never came. I was athrill for his futties agenda but was apprehensive if he is adequate abundant to alter my red TOTS Wijnaldum at Cm/CDM. I did him with untradeables I had from WL and these crazy backpack weights. He is advantageously fun and that's all I'm searching for at this point in the game.

24 WL amateur 11 goals 8 assists CDM/LCM.

Pace 8.5/10 he's baby and absolute accelerated with abundant activity to affectionate of coast above the pitch, absolute apparent run appearance with quick anxiety and absolute fast interplay.

Shooting 8/10 searching at the stats I would accord him maybe a 7 but in bold he seems to appear out of no breadth and bangs in some crazy goals. He's denticulate added than I even anticipation if I looked at his stats through 20 amateur so I addition his account up. No chem addition abandoned 11 goals all kinds (screamers, headers, tap ins,)

Dribbling 9/10 4* admixture absolute bland on the brawl I can't accent the quick anxiety enough, abundant control as able-bodied as he can distill about players and ping passes.

Passing 9/10 abundant vision, abundant casual on either foot, continuing out are his connected passes that aren't cool awful rated but he seems so ping them absolute accurately out of the back. His coaction with my CM's and CAM is aswell batty as he is just consistently authoritative plays. Felt nice casual off his able larboard bottom a lot of humans consistently ahead right.

Defense 7/10 now I anticipation I would get added out of this Fred but I've been baby with the arrest of TOTS vvd and PIM Cannavaro. But Fred isn't bad, he feels bigger than kante, and he aswell can jump and win headers with 95+ jumping which was appealing impressive. He is absolute VERY adequate at acrimonious off passes with interceptions. Like in actuality absolutely good. Lacks backbone but has a way of attached up a apostle with his quick movement rather than captivation them up to yield the ball.

Overall I'm absolute animated I did this SBC because I admired him and would of consistently wondered what his agenda would accept been like bashed up. He's awesome, he's fun, FIFA 20 Coins and he in actuality had an appulse on a aggregation breadth a lot of players are 95+ now. He will be a blooming hotlink to futtie rashford which I accept my eyes on. I would not PAY 250k for this unless you're a Man U fan, or just accept a agglomeration of coins. But he IS fun, and IS useable.