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​FIFA 20 - End of a FIFA Cycle thoughts

news Jul-15-2019

​FIFA 20 - End of a FIFA Cycle thoughts

Hello everyone.

We acquire all been through a lot but now with the bold advancing to an end I just capital to address out how I acquainted and achievement anybody can bell in down beneath with their own thoughts and ideas. I acquire played about every aberration of FIFA possible starting from 98 up to 19 and this has to be the affliction aberration of a football bold I anytime had to play. Now I apperceive a lot of you out there are in the aforementioned baiter as me. We adulation football but aback our options are bound to this or PES its accessible who wins (currently). As abundant as I will get into detail about how applesauce this year has been for FIFA I don't see my cocky switching to PES anytime until they fix the 1999 Japanese Arcade Bold feel during the bold itself. I ambition to play the affair that is abutting to football accessible but dont let this book deceive you into cerebration that this bold is annihilation abutting to absolute activity football.

Lets activate with a simple observation. The adjudicator mechanics this year has been above disgusting. The bulk of times my attacks get chock-full so that the ref can accord me a chargeless bang in my own bisected is unbelievable. Bugged offside calls, penalties 5 abnormal afterwards a attempt is taken and goes in actuality wide. Can they amuse appoint anyone in their Canadian address that in actuality knows the aphorism of the bold afore they try to actualize one. The alone alleviation I acquire in this is knowing I am not the alone one accepting busted over with these torn mechanics aback I apprehend about 4 to 5 posts apropos adjudicator mistakes in bold daily. Yeah abiding in absolute activity it is not absolute and the adjudicator can accomplish a bad alarm but giving me a red agenda because my apostle has his aback affronted and my opponent's amateur runs beeline into him.....come on.

Second affair I ambition to say is whoever came up with timed ANYTHING needs to be fired. You shouldn't be adored for bifold borer a button from alfresco the box for a 99% adventitious at a goal. It was heavily torn at the alpha and afterwards 4 patch updates it became 90%. Apropos cutting I acquire my mistakes should be capitalized on but if my opponent's amateur has his aback affronted to the goal, he shouldn't be able to advance it beeline into a top left/right bend with 1 touch ESPECIALLY from alfresco the box. Speaking of which, 1 blow finishes plan about already in 3 amateur in absolute life. Abiding the arrangement of amateur we play is way added but that doesn't beggarly 4/5 goals of abundance or my opponents should be from 1 touch shots alfresco the box with the aback affronted to the goal. I don't like scoring like that nor acceptance there is no skill, no fun, no passes, no creativity.

Third affair is the advantageous arrangement has been somewhat appropriate this year with the annual red picks instead of annual but if I am accepting 20 wins I should be accustomed to aces from 5 options its accepted sense. 14 wins = 3 , 17 wins = 4 , 20 wins = 4 ?? Even for Aristocratic 3 and Aristocratic 2 its the aforementioned accolade but 50k added coins. Any amateur who can calmly ability aristocratic 3 doesn't in actuality annual from that 50k bread of aristocratic 2 anyways. It is dumb, simple as that.

Fourth is the activating backpack weight changes activated during promos. I spent the acceptable bisected of this year accomplishing alliance sbcs. A LOT OF THEM. The aberration amid packs during promo hours and non promo hours are cogent abundant for me to say with aplomb that the packs are accepting tampered with to accomplish humans absorb more. That is an abundantly clammy affair to do. Accolade / alliance sbc packs are in fact bargain in allegory to packs bought from the store. Actual abominable business practice, this bold is out for 1 year anyways and afresh next year you boost addition archetype of this applesauce with a altered bulk at atomic let humans acquire fun abreast the end of the game.

Fifth affair I ambition to point out is all the error's and miscommunication from EA this year. I beggarly we had some issues endure year, and year afore (since SBCs were introduced) but this year I candidly acquire that they were testing us to see what our absolute is. I am not even talking about the spelling mistakes. There are bags of links in this subreddit to the bulk of mistakes they acquire fabricated and that is not accustomed for a aggregation of this calibration to make. I am not even gonna analyze them to added amateur because there are acceptable companies and added bad companies for gaming out there but this year was altered akin of bits appearance compared to any added for EA. The "community manager's" bustling up and adage we are actuality for your apropos and afresh dematerialization every time we asked something was abundantly annoying. Nobody asked you to footfall up but if you are traveling to do that afresh chase through , don't just go abroad and appear aback every time there is a promo.

Final affair I can anticipate of currently is the AI defending. Yes, I apperceive they said they will change that in FIFA 20 but we were promised this in the alpha of this year too so I am not falling for that again. We were promised a lot of things but this one I was searching advanced to a lot of because you see I am one of those idiots who ascendancy their defenders and try to in actuality avert myself instead of block with my CDM while AI does the plan for me. There is no fun in absolution the AI play for me , I bought this bold to play every aspect of it not to watch AI play for me. This is not me patting my own aback , I am just adage in football defence is as important if not added than advance but in this bold it seems to be an added advantage which you could acquire to skip. It is like affairs a antagonism bold and absolution the AI drive for you, what is the point? The automated attempt blocking has been batty this year. Is my adversary authoritative his CB to block the shot? fair abundant , he got to the ball. Is my adversary block me with his Vieira while both his CBs band up altogether to block any shot? That is some bullshit. It is like arena chess with missing pieces it doesn't accomplish any sense.

Of advance I acquire that not aggregate can be chiral but this is above a accessory advice adjustment.

Obviously a lot of this has been aggregate afore I just capital to sum it up. I am abiding there are ton of added things I missed. The humans arena the bold is not as baneful as abounding of the added online amateur but I am never affronted at my opponent anyways. I am too alive accepting affronted at the torn mechanics I acquire to accord with. I am arena adjoin the AI and so is my opponent. I ambition to say there are absolute things this year too but I can't anticipate of any honestly. Pro scene has been disgusting, I watched the XBOX n PS4 cups these 2 weeks and they are just spamming La Croquetas and blooming timing shots, I anticipate Kurt was the alone amateur I saw in actuality aggravating something altered which is batty to see at this akin of FIFA. I acquire played a ton of amateur over the advance of my activity and this bold has fabricated me added affronted than all of them combined. This year has to be the affliction FIFA anytime fabricated (so far) and this is not just some in the moment type of talk.

Thank you for annual and I achievement you can allotment your annual below.