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​FIFA 20 - EA should focus on Figure array rather than depth

news Sep-04-2019

​FIFA 20 - EA should focus on Figure array rather than depth

I anticipate EA should focus on Figure array rather than 'depth'. Saw alot of humans adage it doesnt accomplish faculty for Essien to be an Figure if there are abounding abecedarian bigger than him.

I absolutely anticipate theres an affair with Figure cards, Fut 20 Coins but its not that "bad" players are accepting cards imo. The affair is that they acquire alot of Icons which are not absolute 'popular', but who they afresh accord 3 cards each.

Many of these Icons are not absolute accessible to the boilerplate player, artlessly because they are not absolute acceptable - or because there are abundant bigger options accessible (for classic Scholes, Okocha, Moore).

So these Cards are appealing abundant abandoned acclimated by the humans who acquire a claimed absorption in them, which makes sense. Maybe Scholes is not meta but alot of United admirers will adore him anyways for affected reasons.

The affair is that these cards admitting about become SBC fodder, and you acquire all their even added abortive baby/middle versions acting as 'Luxury backpack filler'.

In my assessment the band-aid to this would be to abate the bulk of cards per figure to 1-2, and afresh add added Icons so we can acquire variety. Could cause lets be honest, theres in fact no acumen to acquire a average Bobby Moore.

If you wish to use him, you will get his Prime thats about as cheap. But Bobby should still be in the bold with atleast 1 agenda for those who wish to use him.

So instead of 50 icons with 3 cards each, we could acquire 100 icons with 1-2 cards each. The best players could acquire 2 versions and the 'variety' players could acquire 1 card.

And afresh we could acquire so abundant variety. Abounding added admirers would be able to play with their idols.

Before this FIFA I anticipate the adverse altercation would be that EA are just too apathetic to absorb time authoritative a agglomeration of abecedarian models for about alien players.

But afterwards seeing them add so abounding "unknowns" this FIFA I anticipate its no best the case. Just attending at all the Figure wishlist accoutrement and you will see abounding abundant suggestions.