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First up, let me accompaniment that I'm a Division 6 player, and I don't affliction about whatever meta is the flavour of the month. I don't even apperceive if my amateur can do a 5 brilliant cairn piledriver as a accomplishment move, or whether he is accessible as a False 9, commissioned to appropriate addition aback with a agitator slapped on him. If I backpack a amateur that I like that's fun for me.

So let me acquaint you about Dani Parejo. I apperceive the aboriginal affair you're thinking. Yes, (slaps roof), this bad boy can fit 60 accomplished clip in him. Appropriate off the bat, you can run about with him and you're accepting 60, which is a appealing top number.

Except you will not be active around, you'll be mostly ambling about like you're in Day of the Dead. Dani Parejo is not a man who brand to be rushed. But even if he had the concrete attributes to run, he absolutely wouldn't because of his low and boilerplate arresting and advancing workrates.

Dani is added ill-fitted to aptitude up adjoin a bus stop with a cigarette in his aperture while the bold goes on about him. The man's a abiogenetic freak. He's got 92 backbone but has never exerted himself to even a tenth of that capacity. But that's all acceptable news. Dani Parejo is never anywhere abreast a man defensively, so he's added or beneath accessible all the time. You can beating assurance into him all day.

And this is breadth he excels. You apperceive that accomplishment bold breadth the brawl is accursed into you, and you acquire to beating it into a clockwheel of called miniature goals? That's Dani Parejo all game. Beating it into him and he'll canyon it anywhere. The man could yield the lid off a jar of mayonnaise with his booted feet.

I just acquaint Inaki and Antoine to bomb blindly assiduously like toddlers and await on Dani to serve it up on a argent platter. They could about cruise over it and put it in the aback of the net, which they're traveling to acquire to do because my cutting is woeful.

And let me acquaint you about the shooting. I play Dani Parejo as a CAM in a 41212 (wide). A lot of humans anticipate I'm arena a 4122, and I've larboard some guy in the alteration rooms, but he's out there. He's just stood absolutely still, bold that your Kante's eyes is based on movement. He's on the bend of the box and he's waiting. Beating downs into the D? Top corner. Agrarian crosses that don't even accomplish the amends area? Top corner. Defender runs beeline into you as the aboriginal band of defence? Top Corner.

I've played FIFA for 2 years now, and I've never denticulate a free-kick. I shoot every time. Every. Single. Time. Added generally than not you don't even charge to acquire a goalkeeper, because I'm not adverse the ambition in any way. On his admission for the club, Dani Parejo coiled a adorableness into the top corner. My aboriginal anytime chargeless bang goal. Did I watch the replay? Did I hell, because for Dani Parejo, that's just business as usual.

So in short, if you can aces him up for beneath than 2 actor FIFA 20 Coins, I would. If you bandy him into an SBC so that you can aces up a solid gold Dries Mehrtens, you've got no soul.