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​FIFA 20 - Accepting I would like to be anchored in FIFA 20

news Sep-06-2019

​FIFA 20 - Accepting I would like to be anchored in FIFA 20

Career Mode:

- Fix the Amateur career approach accord glich:

Your amateur consistently has 55 composure, and you can't do annihilation about it, you can't advance via milestones, or by training.

- The adeptness to acquaint with your players/manager:

To ask them to advance on a assertive chic of their game, or to ask your drillmaster for arena time or a break.

- Amateur Career approach should accept face scans:

Because, I swear, no bulk how harder you try your amateur will never attending like you, it's a baby problem, but still I feel like it would accomplish it added fun, to accepting your amateur attending in actuality somewhat similair to your complete face.

- Added Civic Teams should be added:

This has to do with the accomplished bold in general, Because, it sucks, that I can't use my complete civic side, Personally, accepting Algerian, it in actuality annoys me that I can't play with the Algerian Civic Ancillary in FIFA. And This applys to a lot of added Civic teams

Kick Off:

- You should be able to save your formations/tactis and your administrator adviser in your profile:

Because I affirm the bulk of times I had to re-do my formation, and tactics, even admitting they're about the aforementioned ones every time, and about-face off the administrator guide, this year in the Kick Off Game, is in actuality too much.

- Fix the Civic Aggregation Bug:

There is a bug in FIFA, breadth a lot of civic sides, accept accidental players, that we accept never heard of, the a lot of acclaimed one accepting Brazil, breadth Neymar Jr, is the abandoned complete footballer out of the accomplished squad, and the abandoned one with a real account too.

Ultimate Team:

- Servers:

The bulk of times, this year, that I accept been Disconnected, or There is batty lag, and that costing me games, abnormally in WL, in actuality pisses me off, animate that Such a huge bold assembly company, that earns millions every year, can't, or should I say, won't, spend, and advance to in actuality advance their servers, which is something the accomplished association has been arrant for.

- Gameplay:

This aswell has to do, with the bold in general, but, the Button Delay, The Scripting (The BS), The AI Defending, the advantageous of Abusing the torn mechanics, and accepting affected to do so, in actuality destroyed the Gameplay this year, and it really needs fixing, as anon as possible.

- Details:

Now this does not by any means, 'NEEDS' acclimation the a lot of or as abundant as the added things that I mentioned, but, it would be in actuality nice if we in actuality could baddest which blazon of cards we wish to seek for in the market/SBC/Club precisely, meaning if you capital to select, let's say for example, a TIF Pépé, you shouldn't accept to Acclimatize the min price, or annal through 70, or 100 pages of Appropriate cards of Pépé just to acquisition his TIF. Or A UCL Rare, Or A attenuate Bronze.... etc.

- The abacus advancement system:

This has broke a lot of cards this year, the a lot of acclaimed one accepting TOTS Sancho with 76 Composure, or Hermoso TOTS accepting 70 reactions, and 81 accord as a CB, aswell, as basically every upgraded GK, usually accepting poor reactions because that carbon was never upgraded from their abject cards. Ex. TOTS Donnarumma and his abject cards both accept 74 reactions.

- Advance Band Battles And Fut Champions Rewards:

Considering the scripting, and the BS, we accept to go through if arena adjoin Legendary Difficulty, We should get bigger rewards, and Weekly Picks. We also, should get appropriate Amateur picks in WL, from the accepted promo that is traveling on, and not just if it's TOTS, now this applys all the promos afar from TOTY, unless you're a Top 100/ Elite 1 player.

- Advance Pack Weight:

I don't hae abundant to say about this one, but, if I accessible a 125K Pack, I should be guaranteed,or accept a 90% adventitious of accepting a walkout, and not accepting Kagawa/Horn, because contrarily that's just gambaling really.

And Yeah, that all I accept to say to say about FIFA 20 improvements, now I will not do Pro Clubs, Because I haven't played it at all this year, I adeptness try next year, seems like a lot of fun, But what did I accomplish of FIFA 19?

- Was it a acceptable year?

Yeah.... Maybe, Not the best, though.

- Can it improve?

Yes! 100%!

Thank you for authoritative it this far, and in actuality account this, I achievement you accept a admirable blow of your day!