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Oct-13-2018 Categories: news

Here is my assay of Prime Gattuso . I would never acquire acclimated this amateur is it wasn't for packing him untradable in my assay rewards. I acquire 75 amateur with him 2 goals and 6 assists.

I play 4321/4321 formations, as I animation aback and alternating amid them all game. in FUT champs I placed gold two endure weekend.

Chem appearance artist.

73 pace- not an affair as he is usually in the appropriate place, he is not acclimated in the adverse what so ever.

65 shot- I apperceive not to shoot with him but if he somehow gets in the position to absolve a timed accomplishment acumen it will go in if I am adequate abundant to hit absolute timing.

72 passing- with artisan he receives 93 connected passing, 88 abbreviate passing, and 91 eyes in actuality what I ambition from a amateur who sits in the midfield. if my advance this is acute as I about canyon the brawl aback to him a lot to about-face the play.

73 dribbling- artisan brings his dribbling stats to acceptable, not great. but if you use the new blow adjustment and authority LB if accepting the brawl there will not be too abounding issues here. don't get bent in possession, use those accidental stats, he is not meant to acquire the brawl for long.

91 defending/ 89 physical- what he is acclimated for. wow the stats in these sections are amazing except for heading/jumping. the accent of the 96 assailment amplifies all the added stats in this category, he in actuality rips the brawl off opponents constantly. I anticipation I would abhorrence this amateur but he is just amazing as a CDM who can pass.

Height 5'10" I would adopt my CDM to be at atomic 6'1" but I had no best actuality as I had to plan with what was accustomed to me.

Workrates M/H- absolute for this player.

Well he is in actuality amazing, I in actuality like him and he will be in my aggregation all year unless prime SBCs return. If Prime SBCs acknowledgment the I will put him into Ballack as I am a Chelsea fan.

Team- IF cech, RB Mariano, CBs David Luiz/ IF Matip, LB Mendy, RCM Talisca, CM Gattuso, LCM Jorgino, LF OTW Richalison, ST Zaha (soon to be IF Hulk), RF POTM Lucas.

If there are any questions I will do my best to respond.