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Jan-09-2019 Categories: news

Last year TOTY Ramos was 1.41 mil at the everyman point (20th Jan) and about 1.65 during added locations of the promo. Afterwards the promo his bulk was about 1.75 - 1.85 mil.

The table beneath shows the prices of the added top CB's accessible at TOTY in FIFA 18 and their prices compared to their accepted FIFA 19 prices. For those that are new to FIFA, the FIFA 18 figure graphs don't go all the way aback to Jan as the prime SBC's weren't accessible yet (these cards were not in packs/on the bazaar yet). I took their ancient accessible prices for allegory (Futbin, PS4).

                    FIFA 18 price             FIFA 19 price

94 Maldini     3.00 mil (23rd March) 2.73 mil

91 Blanc       1.64 mil (24th Feb)     1.48 mil

91 Desailly    1.59 mil (21st Feb)     1.45 mil

90 Ferdinand 1.30 mil (22nd Jan)    1.90 mil

Up to TOTY, Ferdinand was the alone one with his SBC appear (same bearings as FIFA 19), with Desailly and Blanc's SBC appear in February. It is aswell absorbing that afar from Ferdinand all the added prime icons are cheaper this year.

Rio is apparently added big-ticket because his SBC came out aboriginal and because it had an aboriginal expiry, not abounding could acquiesce him at that time.

Despite Ramos accepting acutely aloft stats to all 4 of the figure cards, he was not decidedly added big-ticket because TOTY cards accept a college accumulation during the promo than cards like prime Maldini and Blanc. And this year with a college accumulation of prime icons on the market of FIFA 19 Coins, shouldn't that adulterate the TOTY agenda effect?

I anticipate that it is reasonable to say that we can apprehend the TOTY CB's to bulk amid 1.5 and 2.5 mil. The ambit is still absolutely wide, but I assumption with such bound info, we can't absolutely attenuated it down further.

I do accept that players accept added coins this year, but afar from the a lot of aristocratic cards like CR7, Vieira, Gullit, R9 etc and some abject icons, prices for the draft of the bazaar don't assume as aggrandized as some claim.

What do you guys adumbrate the prices of these cards will be and how reliable do you anticipate endure year's prices are if it comes to admiration this years prices?