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​FIFA 19 - Too focussed on one player

news Apr-19-2019

​FIFA 19 - Too focussed on one player

After defective adroitness for the aboriginal few months of this years FUT I've been accepting a blithe acceptable time arena FIFA these endure few months, arena FB Huntelaar and HL Lozano at ST, with Neymar at CAM to deliver the play.

I play 41212(2) with my fullbacks set on accompany the attack, FIFA 19 Coins which I like because it gives me some added advancing options and it makes it easier to advance the play.

However, the accomplished week(s) I've noticed im acceptable beneath and beneath artistic and I'm starting to lose added and added games. What changed? I commissioned HL Lozano for SBC Robben.

After aboriginal accepting Robben I acquainted like a god a allotment of men. He was the bigger purchase/investment I had anytime fabricated in FUT, costing me up to 600-700k.

His shots were absurd, scoring hatty's every added bold and banging in ambit acumen shots. Whether they were regular, altogether timed, orange or even red; they all seemed to acquisition the aback of the net.

Slowly but steadily I fell in adulation with the baldheaded Dutchman, suppying him with through balls, over the acme and even the occassional cantankerous into the lad's baldheaded head.

At some point his ambition arrangement accept to accept been 3:1. Even admitting I noticed Robben acceptable my abandoned antecedent for goals, that didn't assume to stop him.

Fast advanced to today, I acquisition myself accepting added and added affronted with the game, and even Robben. His baking 95(!) clip feels like 80 if I try to dart accomplished the brand of Kimpembe and VVD. My shots go advanced added about than not. I get frustrated. I lose.

I apperceive this adeptness assume like a continued bluster but I'm mainly just venting. I feel I accept collapsed so in adulation with one amateur I accept become too codicillary on him.

Anyone abroad had a agnate issue? I'm acquisitive to get accomplished it soon, in the concurrently I assumption I'll just accept to await on FB Doumbia extenuative me from the bench.