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Jan-05-2019 Categories: news

I just apprehend a lot of replies on cheep to ea gzaro and corey (don't apperceive their exact cheep handles) and a lot of humans are accusatory about these 2 things, i apperceive this bold isn't perfect, but these 2 things are not the bigger problems with this game.

Everybody was accusatory about fifa 18 that there was nog accomplishment gap and that it was too simple to account low apprenticed shots, we accept the aforementioned botheration this year with (timed) acumen shots but this year we got a babyish band-aid to this: GK movement.

People say that this is OP, because they had one adventitious in the bold and the adversary confused the babysitter to the appropriate abode and he adored the ball, WAKE UP, this is the accomplishment gap that we wanted. It takes accomplishment to see what the adversary is accomplishing and to advanced to what they are doing. The GK movement is aswell simple to yield advantage off, if your adversary moves the keeper, you can shoot the brawl in the added ancillary of the goal, that is accession affair that creates a accomplishment gap.

Timed shooting, i don't apperceive the exact stats about this, but this is aswell a accomplishment gap, i see alot added blooming shots traveling in than yellow, red or blah shots. Guess what: it takes accomplishment to time a attempt right. The botheration that everybody has with timed shots are the timed acumen shots and now everybody wants the timed shots out of fifa, appear on humans you in fact advanced that is because of the timing? No it is because finesses are OP.

Pls stop accusatory about these issues and alpha accusatory about absolute issues, okay?

Edit: afterwards account a few reactions, everybody is adage there is a botheration with timed acumen shots. Why do you guys advanced no one is adage annihilation about accustomed timed shots or low apprenticed timed shots, because the botheration isn't with the timing aspect, but with the finesses.

It's just not fun anymore. Scoring abandoned timed acumen alfresco the box. Thats how my divison 2 matches go. Ping pong canyon and timed acumen it in. I would adopt the old way accepting in the box application your own adroitness to score.

Yes acumen shots are way to OP, that is not the botheration with timing, the timing will abandoned access the likelyhood for the brawl to go in and not, it just rewards you for hitting the blooming timing instead of the chicken timing.

But they should nerf acumen shots, i accede with that.

Btw it is not the abandoned way to score, low drive shots are still absolute acceptable if timed accurately and FIFA 19 Coins aback this anniversary i denticulate a lot of backpost headers. Humans are searching for acumen shots, if you try something else, you can be adored too. Try to about-face it up instead of accusatory about abandoned scoring in one assertive way.