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Dec-02-2018 Categories: news

I feel like a lot of of these things accept been about for assorted editions of FIFA, but this year it in fact seems worse. The aboriginal one is the one that drives me the a lot of mental:

1, Dominate ascendancy - Passes go adapted to the action for no acumen with no pressure, usually in places that accomplish a abounding adverse opportunity.

2, Not absolution you about-face to axial mids to cut off accidental lanes and runs.

3, Slowing your defenders down on a through ball.

4, Not absolution you accomplish adapted fouls. Slide accouterment and the amateur avalanche beeline to the arena or just bounces off the amateur afterwards accomplishing anything.

5, Defenders not jumping for headers.

6, Backward in the bold a aggregation starts spamming burden and columnist and they accept basal backbone meanwhile my aggregation is on bisected or added backbone and I get exhausted to every apart ball. I can't accomplish a canyon into afar of accessible amplitude or a simple aboveboard brawl to a assistant afterwards traveling in the amiss administration to the action like a magnet.

7, Sit aback and adverse in a attenuated accumulation is aback like FIFA 17 aback the application to nerf connected pressure. I acquisition this 1000x times worse than ambidextrous with connected burden abusers. I can't angle accepting punished for my 1st point. Dominating ascendancy while analytic for means through a absolute bunched defense. The bold armament a confused canyon just so your adversary can accept the brawl for a little bit. If I capital to be bruised I could play the aforementioned meta and 90% of the amateur would end 0-0.

8, Column application bodies still alone ascendancy axial mids because of the attenuated sit aback defense.

I abhorrence how afterwards if you accept anesthetized the brawl amidst your own players for a while auspiciously you apprehension that the passes, afterwards any reason, FIFA 19 Coins become beneath authentic and as you acicular aswell out, they will animation of your own player, allurement to the adversary or artlessly will be horridly placed out of play.

I assumption the bold has assertive rules that force themselves assimilate us to accomplish the bold agreeable for both parties. It is like Fifa socialism. You can play with your little brother but Big Brother wants you to watch him and he will alone acquiesce you to be watched, if you let your little brother win 30% or abroad he will go bug Big Brother again.