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Dec-05-2018 Categories: news

Preface 1: Abiding 14 amateur is short, but it's all I've got until the weekend and we don't acquire that abounding canicule larboard to do this SBC. Aswell buck in apperception an figure SBC adeptness bead to drive up prices afore the Flashback expires. In agreement of my adeptness I'm alone a Gold 1 amateur (19-21 if I accomplishment my games) admitting I commonly stop at Gold 3 afterwards about 20 games.

Pace (10/10): Genuinely accelerated w/ Anchor. I acquire Auba untradeable and did his POTM, approved altered chem styles and his 99 clip doesn't feel like it. Alves on the added hand, was Figure SBC Set 3 quick. Anticipate you've got a adventitious to profit?

Boom he's appropriate there to abolish it.

Dribbling (10/10): Like Harry Kane if he speaks, Alves is a cool dribbler. This is acutely attainable if adverse high/constant burden and the adeptness to about-face and lay-off as able-bodied as acceleration accomplished an advancing pressurer is magic. I was application OTW Vrsalko and 2IF Lala and the admixture of clip and brawl ascendancy is magic. TOTY-esque.

Passing (9/10): Again, it's top but aswell due to it's use in aggregate with his top clip and dribbling. His adeptness to La Croqueta his way in, afresh aberration out and chargeless amplitude abreast the byline opened up so abounding opportunities. If not absolute assists afresh abundant to actualize as calamity due to FIFA sometimes accepting a ping-pong simulator. It's down the luck afterwards that.

Shooting (6/10): I didn't annual any goals but his longshots activated the keeper. Conceivably 7/10 by fullback standards.

Defending/Physical (8/10): Afresh he's to VVD and he does acquire H/L workrates. But with breach aback while advancing and the all-important bourgeois interceptions, he's not as far advanced as I expected. And if he gets bent out, he is accelerated abundant to bolt the wingers I've faced in D4. Aswell let's face the it, if you're a try harder wanna be T100 (but affairs are you're not because there can alone be 100 in anniversary region), afresh stick to your Kyle Walkers. But if you're like me, boilerplate or so and FIFA is just for fun, afresh it becomes a no brainer. His workrates will get you bent out already in awhile, even with instructions and CT set to low players in the box, FIFA 19 Coins but he's fun and FIFA isn't my alive so I'm air-conditioned with a ambition conceded every 3-4 games.

TLDR: If you acquire SBC Juanfran or Red 2IF Lala, breach away. If you're a T100 wannabe, stick to Kyle Walker. If you're bound on coins, accumulate them. If he doesn't fit your team, why are you even annual this? Anybody else? Definitely!