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​FIFA 19 - Prime Moment Laudrup Review

news Apr-12-2019

​FIFA 19 - Prime Moment Laudrup Review

Now I apperceive I'm alone 7 amateur in but credible a lot of humans allurement what he's like, just capital to accord humans some acknowledgment on the card.

I replaced Griezmann as my striker with Laudrup in a 4231, Grizi bagged added assists than goals so I anticipation I adeptness as able-bodied stick a playmaker there!! Here's my thoughts so far:

Chem Appearance - Hawk.

Pace - good, not great. Accumulated with his dribbling and height, he seems to get abroad and break abroad from defenders, but in a basal chase he does lose out. Up foreground it's not awful. 8/10.

Shooting - now as a striker I do acquisition it absolute frustrating, but as a CAM I'd accept no issues. Has a rocket of a attack and hits the ambition 90% of the time, continued shots accept acceptable due to the attack power, acumen shots with him are great. Has missed a lot of affairs for me which I anticipate he should accept denticulate in the box, but my Griezmann was absolutely agnate with the 3* anemic foot, so no issues there. As Laudrup is so alpine he has denticulate a few headers for me. 7/10.

Dribbling - like a alpine Messi. He does coast and appear out of abilities absolute well. He doesn't accept clunky, even admitting he's tall, and does accumulate the brawl abutting to him. 9/10.

Passing - 100% the best carbon on the card. He brings my Neymar, Mbappe and Perisic into the bold so well, his accidental is effortless and he alcove the amateur every time. Haven't approved a chargeless bang with him as Neymar takes them, so can't comment. 9.5/10.

Defending - N/A. He's my striker.

Physical - a lot stronger than the agenda suggests. Stamina hasn't been an affair for me as a ST, but could be as a CAM. Nowadays unless you're agitation a CR7 or an R9, a lot of humans accept a alone air-conditioned sub anyway, but buck this in apperception if you use him as a CAM, he will allegation swapping out. Doesn't allegation jumping with his acme and does win his fair allotment of headers, which consistently helps. 7/10.

Overall I spent 270k on him (used FUTmas Silva, untradeable Buffon and FUTBday Zlatan), and he's currently denticulate 4 and assisted 3. Not apple beater stats, but added than blessed with them. I just went for the agenda as against to the accommodation because this was all I could acquiesce SBC astute and was acquisitive for Brian Laudrup ability, as he was one of my favourite legends on the bold before.

Overall I accord him a 8/10. Not end bold for most, but fun and adequately cornball for me.

Hope this helps anybody who isn't ever abiding on whether or not to do him.