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FIFA 19 - OTW adviser for the weekend starting 27/10


FIFA 19 - OTW adviser for the weekend starting 27/10

We are aback searching at OTW cards, prices who looks acceptable who doesn't. This time I've done it by day so accept anybody who starts on Saturday aboriginal and so on achievement that helps. I accept been tracking prices 3 times a day and already I get about to accepting it up and searching appealing on a appealing bright I'll do that and column it on twitter. If there is annihilation you would like me to add to advance this amuse acquaint me.

Prices accept been accounting as PS/Xbox in that order.

We alpha off with Saturday and with the man himself,

# Ronaldo

Next bold (A) Empoli 27/10 Saturday

Price today 3.4/3.3 Aggregate afore his endure bold 3.5/3.4

He denticulate in their endure game, a 1-1 draw adjoin Genoa. Now has 5 goals and 4 assists in 9 games.

He has now either scored/assisted in anniversary of his endure 5 matches.

Not all hasty seeing the Calibre of the man.

Empoli, their endure win came in their division opener, aback afresh they accept not registered a individual win.

They accept conceded 13 goals in 9 amateur compared to Juventus who accept denticulate 19 goals in 9 games.

They are currently application the assignment zone.

# Joao Cancelo

Next bold (A) Empoli 27/10 Saturday

Price today 175/140 Aggregate afore his endure bold 164/129

A absolute acceptable RB and a starting one at that. Already has an IF so in fact will allegation to do added to get another.

He offers 1.8 key passes a bold abandoned bettered by a monster 3.4 from Pjanic, aswell averages a lot of crosses in the Juventus aggregation with 1.1 a game.

He aswell offers a hasty 1.5 shots a bold which put into angle is abandoned bettered by Ronaldo with 8, Dybale with 2 and Bernardeschi with 1.9. Douglas Costa gives you 1.2 and Cuadrado gives you 0.7, so Cancelo gives you a acceptable all annular adventitious of a ambition and an assist.

# Alison

Next bold (H) Cardiff 27/10 Saturday

Price today 55/63 Aggregate afore his endure bold 66/68

Constant present in net, needs to in fact accept a blinder in net and I in fact agnosticism Cardiff will agitation them too much. Cardiff assuredly got themselves a win adjoin Fulham, they wont attending at their next accoutrement too fondly.

# Anderson

Next bold (A) Leicester 27/10 Saturday

Price today 121/120 Aggregate afore his endure bold 150/145

Since his endure TOTW achievement West Ham accept bootless to account and absent 2 amateur on the action 1-0 to Brighton and Spurs. In those 2 amateur he mustered 2 shots, in the bold adjoin Brighton he recorded a bold top 6 key passes with a complete of 59 passes and in the bold he came off adjoin Spurs fabricated 0 Key passes in a complete of 26 passes.

His anatomy has taken a dip aback and with his aggregate so top it put me off, abnormally as hell allegation to do a lot added to get a SIF.

They play a Leicester aggregation who got aged adjoin Arsenal. Even admitting they aren't in the greatest anatomy at the moment their home almanac is still something to behold. Abandoned blow to the two Merseyside club at home, adjoin a aggregation like West Ham they will adorned their affairs to get aback to acceptable ways.

# Goretzka

Next bold (A) Mainz 27/10 Saturday

Price today 130/135 Aggregate afore his endure bold 150/148

In his endure two amateur he's played 24 and 28 account respectively, arena 90 account at what seems like accidental times. Afterwards their endure UCL bold he came back, started and played the abounding 90 minutes. With Ribery and Robben out through abrasion and abeyance appropriately we could see Rodriguez go advanced and Goretzka through the boilerplate with Tolisso accepting out afflicted continued term.

For all his account he's offered 1G and 1A both in the aforementioned game, he gives you 0.8 Key passes a bold which is able-bodied beneath the brand of Rodriguez with 1.9 or a Kimmich with 1.5. He aswell abandoned averages 28 passes a bold for anyone who yes doesn't play and alpha every bold he has accumulated 363 account which is the 12th a lot of in the aggregation which is by no accomplishment a baby aggregate of minutes.

He aswell takes 1.5 shots per bold which isn't abhorrent in agreement of production.

Bayern play Mainz who afterwards a nice alpha to the division their endure 5 amateur accept not been ones to allocution about. In those 5 amateur they accept 2 draws and 3 losses not scoring a individual ambition and acceptance 6 goals in the time. Even admitting Bayern haven't been on a hot band they've angry it about in the endure two amateur with two acceptable wins over Wolfsburg and AEK Athens in the CL. They are currently fourth, 4 credibility abaft leaders Dortmund and they will be searching to about-face it about anon enough.

# Lemar

Next bold (H) Complete Sociedad 27/10 Saturday

Price today 50/46 Aggregate afore his endure bold 53/50

Is arena account but not the constant account we wish to see in an investment.

He does alpha the majority of his amateur but generally comes off absolute aboriginal about the 60th minute mark, in their endure bold came on as a sub in the 45th minute.

His endure ambition addition in the alliance came in the anatomy of an abetment on the 29/9 about been a month.

He takes 0.8 shots a bold and gives you 1.2 key passes a game. For anyone that doesn't get constant account it's harder to aback to him.

They play Complete Sociedad, a mid table aggregation that accept had some alloyed after-effects of the endure brace of games. In their endure 6 they accept L W D and afresh afresh the aeon afresh L W D in that adjustment so is is time for history to echo it self?

# Witsel

Next bold (H) Hertha Berlin 27/10 Saturday

Price today 32/28 Aggregate afore his endure bold 39/36

Dortmund are aerial top and Witsel is appropriate in the boilerplate of it, literally.

They are on a 6 bold acceptable run, best in the alliance and Witsel has played a starting role in it all.

Hard affair with midfielders is that they can accept abundant amateur but allegation those big carbon curve to get in.

He just hasn't offered annihilation in his endure 10 amateur a ambition or an abetment to accreditation the investment. He is a bargain agenda though. ( This was accounting afore the CL amateur and in those amateur he managed himself a ambition so theres hope)

Next aggregation they play is Hertha Berlin, with the top aerial Duda. They've done able-bodied in the alliance and taken the attic of Bayern forth the way. They will be searching to claiming Dortmund who are sitting appealing at the top of the league.

# Golovin

Next bold (H) Dijon 27/10 Saturday

Price today 11/11 Aggregate afore his endure bold 12/12

Good account is he's got a added starting role and consistently arena 90 minutes, bad account is Monaco are just horrible. Absent their endure 5 games, Golovin has managed just the one abetment so far, its not searching good.

With Henry advancing about soon, things may change for the bigger but it will yield time. Golovin is averaging a attempt a bold and 0.4 Key passes a game, with 35.4 passes a game. Its not acceptable abundant at the moment and things allegation to footfall up all round.

# Dembele

Next bold (A) Angers 27/10 Saturday

Price today 12/12 Aggregate afore his endure bold 17/17

He has denticulate or assisted in his endure 4 amateur he started, he didn't get abundant of a run out in their CL bold abandoned arena the 9 minutes. Anyone did acquaint me he doesn't play 90 account all the time and it could absolute abundant be true. He has been subbed off afterwards the 70th account the endure 3 amateur he's played not finishing one. He does yield 3.4 shots a bold on boilerplate abandoned bettered by Fekir with 4.8 shots per game. Even though, for what he's account he offers abundant aggregate with a ambition every 119 account and their next bold is adjoin Angers a aggregation that haven't won a bold in their endure 3.

# Higuain

Next bold (H) Sampdoria 28/10 Sunday

Price today 186/192 Aggregate afore his endure bold 207/199

He was in acceptable scoring anatomy afore the Inter game, 6 goals in 5. Poor finishing let them down, Higuain abandoned accidental to 2 shots with Suso and Calhanglu accepting a bold top 4 shots anniversary in that game.

Sampdoria are on a 2 bold win streak, abandoned blow came adjoin Inter in their endure 6 games.

Currently sitting in 6th aloft Milan.

Sampdoria accept conceded the atomic aggregate in the alliance abandoned 4 and acceptance 14.9 shots a game.

# Promes

Next bold (H) SD Huesca 28/10 Sunday

Price today 68/71 Aggregate afore his endure bold 81/72

Still hasn't started a bold for Seville in La Liga, not played added than 30 account in the Alliance either.

Went on International Duty and played 22 account in their UNL bold and affective an assist, which was his aboriginal ambition addition in 12 games. His endure came in Spartak Moscow colours on the 25/9 adjoin Dinamo Moscow.

Huesca accept absent 6 of their endure 7 amateur and their endure win came at the alpha of the season.

They accept conceded 20 goals in 9 amateur and that poor anatomy doesn't assume like catastrophe soon.

Seville accept hit a acceptable accomplice address in Yedder and Silva, for now Promes places will be to appear off the bench.

# Jorginho

Next bold (A) Burnley 28/10 Sunday

Price today 36/40 Aggregate afore his endure bold 48/55

Has played in every minute so far, he makes 103 boilerplate passes in the Arch Alliance with a 0.9 key passes a bold on boilerplate but has offered up one abetment and has abandoned registered 1 ambition which came aback in their aperture bold of the division from a pen.

He doesn't action abundant but is a affirmed starter.

They play Burnley abroad on Sunday, a aggregation that had an amazing home almanac endure division to accompany them all the way to the EL qualifiers.

This division they havn't been as impervious at home, they accept conceded 6 goals at home this division blow to Manchester United and Watford already this season. Accepting been aged by City, Chelsea arn't the aggregation to be advancing up adjoin next.

# Sokratis

Next bold (A) Crystal Palace 28/10 Sunday

Price today 24/26 Aggregate afore his endure bold 30/32

Arsenal are on the up beneath Unai, 10 wins on the action now and don't attending like stopping.

Sokratis afore he got afflicted was a mainstay in this Arsenal backline, now he had has his position usurped by Bobby Holding.

If the aggregation ain't bankrupt don't fix it.

He will a lot of acceptable play in the EL while Holding retains his atom in the starting XI. We will admission his position in the approaching if he were to get added account in the league.

# Malcom

Next bold (H) Complete Madrid 28/10 Sunday

Price today 26/27 Aggregate afore his endure bold 25/28

Still hasn't played a minute aback Leganes, with Messi now accepting Afflicted I don't see him advancing into the band up but I do see him maybe advancing into the circling a bit. Harder to put a amateur that hasn't played aback the 29/9, about a abounding ages now, into the band up to face Complete Madrid no aggregate how poor of anatomy they are.

He has been put in the band for their CL bold adjoin Inter would adulation to see if he now gets at atomic on the bank adjoin Complete Madrid. ?

There are rumours of clubs absorption to assurance him on accommodation in January, it accomplish be the case area we would allegation to see him move club for this to be a applicable agenda to advance in. These 3 weeks while Messi is afflicted will be basal in our acumen of him affective forward, if he can't accomplish the band even admitting there are injuries afresh it accomplish be time to address this agenda off.

# Fred

Next bold (H) Everton 28/7 Sunday

Price today 44/47 Aggregate afore his endure bold 63/60

Fred has just kept accepting a abridgement on his account to the point he hasn't featured at all in the endure 2 games. His endure actualization was a 20 minute adornment in their blow to West Ham.

Do I see this alteration anytime anon ? Apparently not at the moment, we don't apperceive why he is accepting ashamed out but archetypal Mourinho behaviour really. His abridgement of account shows in his price, I absolute abundant agnosticism he will now al of a sudden become a starter. Would like to see added account accustomed to him afore we attending at this agenda again.

# Sane

Next bold (A) Red balderdash Leipzig 28/10

Sunday Aggregate today 11/12 Aggregate afore his endure bold 13/13

Schalke accept in fact best up, they won 3 amateur in a row afore their lose to Werder Bremen. They kept apple-pie bedding in all those amateur so some complete signs advancing out now.

He's absolute bargain and can consistently get him for abandon and cast him for about 13-14k.

One to attending out for but it seems Naldo is the added than acceptable applicant for an IF out of them two.

With added CS you never apperceive really. Look, Duffy got into the TOTW so we can abandoned dream right.

# Mariano

Next bold (A) Barcelona 28/7 Sunday

Price today 22/23 Aggregate afore his endure bold 35/32

Unfortunately Benzema is back, played 90 account adjoin Viktoria Plzen which Complete Madrid got a win finally.

Im not abiding what to anticipate about him in all honesty. Complete Madrid were poor in their endure brace of games, allegation some added arresting impetus. Benzema even advancing out and adage he needs to account more. Does this beggarly Mariano gets added affairs in the team?

He still gets account behindhand but from our point of appearance we would rather added account than just a bisected an hour and added consistency.?

He completed 90 account for Complete Madrid for the aboriginal time in their blow to Levante even admitting Benzema came on so in fact that's a acceptable sign. Manager believes in him abundant to accumulate him on if they allegation a goal.

They play Barcelona, it's a big bold and do I anticipate Mariano will alpha now Benzema is fit afresh ? no I don't and I catechism if he even gets any abundant account and just goes aback to the account he's had all season.

# Richarlison

Next bold (A) Manchester United 28/10 Sunday

Price today 24/28 Aggregate afore his endure bold 29/34

Has confused his position to a striker now which would be a acceptable thing, he's demography 2.3 shots a bold now which is abandoned bettered by Sigurdsson's 2.6.

Only affair that apropos me is the over investment into this guy, way too abounding bodies on him way too abounding bodies not acceptance for a acceptable rise. At the end of the day this guy needs 2 or maybe 3 IF to be viable.

They play an out of sorts Utd aggregation atrocious for a aftereffect really. With Everton they accept gone aback to acceptable agency and will wish to extend that adjoin a accessible Utd side.

# Mahrez

Next bold (A) Spurs 29/10 Monday

Price today 147/150 Got an IF his endure aggregate is redundant

With decidedly beneath account this division he has as abounding goals as Silva, 1 beneath than Sterling and 3 beneath the Aguero He offers a ambition every 137 account which is bigger than Bernardo Silva at 230 account per goal, Sterling 148 account per ambition and Sane with 192 account per goal. Abandoned bettered by Aguero's 108 account per goal.

He got an IF this anniversary so wont get an IF no aggregate what he does this weekend.

They play Spurs who are adequate their best alpha to a Arch Alliance division but still beneath Arsenal. Shock.

Their abandoned 2 losses at home this division advancing adjoin Liverpool in the alliance and adjoin Barca in the CL. A acceptable aggregation but may accede to the bigger aggregation in City.

# Vrsaljko

Next bold (A) Lazio 29/10 Monday

Price today 21/20 Aggregate afore his endure bold 25/25

Back from injury, played in both of their endure 2 amateur for 90 account and offered an abetment as well. In these 2 amateur he fabricated 1.5 key passes, 1.5 crosses per bold and had 0.3 shots a game.

Only Perisic and Politano accord you a bigger Key passes per bold with 1.8 and 1.6 appropriately than Vrsaljko.

An abetment wont be abundant for an IF, will allegation to get a ambition or a MOTM.

Lazio, accepting absent the Roma Derby and afresh handed a beating by Frankfurt they accept a complete analysis adjoin Inter.

Lazio accept abandoned won 1 of their amateur adjoin top table teams this year, blow to Napoli, Juventus and Roma. The majority of their wins so far accept appear adjoin basal bisected teams.

A complete analysis adjoin Inter on Monday.

# Abrasion list


Price today 28/31

Back to alive in training but CL tie is too anon and so will the weekend game. Should be aback anon though, offers a acceptable aggregate appropriate now. He doesn't agreement you account admitting in a Liverpool Kit.


Price today 340/290

He was accessed to accept agony of the larboard ankle. No audible time period, will be reassessed in the advancing weeks. Usually a 400/350 amateur on PS/Xbox, can accumulate and authority until he comes aback and not abiding if that is appropriate now.


Price today 11/11

Expected acknowledgment 31/10

If this was a continued apprehend will be putting up cartoon of all this over on cheep if you in fact deceit be asked to apprehend this all. Which is fair enough.

Like I said early, accept been befitting clue of aggregate just allegation some time to affectation them in a way that doesn't appearance off my abhorrent handwriting, a lot of acceptable over the weekend.

I achievement this is accessible to you all, achievement anyone does something this weekend really!