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​FIFA 19 - OP Bobby Moore review

news Apr-15-2019

​FIFA 19 - OP Bobby Moore review

So I absitively to do Bobby Moore because he's absolutely cheap, abnormally if you've got some untradeables, and I'm gradually putting calm an all-England squad.

I apperceive he's apparently not gonna attract anybody but England/West Ham fans, but it's an absorbing card.

So the aboriginal affair to acknowledgment is that yeah, he's a 5'10 CB. Not ideal. If you play div 1 and your antagonism is fierce, I get that it's gonna be a problem.

For me though, an boilerplate player, absolutely didn't feel like it was that big of a problem. I accept an ballast on him, which brings him to top 90s jumping, and you do apprehension this in-game.

The next downside is pace. I wouldn't say he feels acutely slow, but of advance it's not fast either.

I play him next to scream Fellaini, and you can absolutely play these two types of defenders off anniversary added - be bourgeois with one, FIFA 19 Coins advancing with the other. For me it works, but it's up to your play style.

Now on to the abundant things. The casual is IMMENSE. One of my bigger weaknesses in Fifa is arena out from the back, I lose the brawl a arresting amount. But with Bobby you absolutely absolutely apprehension how you are able to accomplish somewhat chancy passes beneath burden and it just works.

I apperceive this is why some humans will ambition to play him CDM, but for me I adore accepting this affection in my CB (and I aswell don't adulation CDMs that can't shoot).

On top of the abundant passing, you just array of feel in complete ascendancy with him on the brawl - it's smooth, controlled, you just accept to use him to get a feel for what I mean.

Of course, arrest is phenomenal. But don't be rash, don't be afraid to let the adversary move in closer, because you can be abiding that if you atom even a bisected appropriate moment to tackle, Moore will win the ball. If you go in too early, you're not gonna bolt up.

Honestly if you're a West Ham fan or whatever, just go for it. As continued as you accept what you're getting, I anticipate it's a absolutely appropriate card. I acknowledge it's not for everybody but I'm actual blessed with him.