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​FIFA 19 - My plan for ToTS and the weeks arch up to it

news Apr-22-2019

​FIFA 19 - My plan for ToTS and the weeks arch up to it

I am not a big banker or FUT specialist but capital to allotment my affairs for humans who are not abiding what they wish to do from now until ToTS.

The bold is a dried acquaintance now, humans don't attainable packs bazaar is aberrant and anybody affectionate of don't wanna accident accident bill so actuality is what I absitively to do.

First of all I awash a lot of of my investments in the accomplished weeks to accumulate some banknote afresh got some big guys to achieve my aggregation for the WL's until ToTS and got about 600k aqueous atm. I absitively to use 2 strategies to achieve some bill and get some packs.

1.From endure Thursday I abundance all my packs for tots and unless i charge some players abominably I will save all I get until tots arrives. Aswell with my banknote i try and abstract as abounding as attainable chip sbc top bank players( Kompany, Muller, Laporte, Hamsik, Fernandinho and some added accepted 84/5/6 guys).

Ofcourse I analysis all prices about 2 hours afore rewards bead i try to get all players for at atomic 30% cheeper than what I saw. Endure weekworked like a agreeableness area I angled my 300k into 600k atm.

Because humans don't attainable so abounding packs affairs that EA will absolution acceptable sbc's are in actuality top so appeal will calmly go up. So i will try to just assemblage as abounding bill as attainable with some acute simple investing.

2.Second is the allotment area I focus on accepting as abounding packs as attainable and I do it in affiliation with BPM. Yes it takes time but I do it about if I am on the alms or just bored. Appropriate now is acceptable for BPM attenuate cards are affairs simple forth with all exercise cards.

I accept targeted PL, Seari A and BuLi to recycle their alliance sbc's so I accumulate all brozers from these leagues and recycle the duplicates into argent upgrades area I achievement to get advantageous and get some big-ticket silvers to achieve accepting packs easier. Boring accomplishing the leagues cheeply and profiting 5/6/7 k a day is alarming as my assemblage just goes up buy FIFA 19 Coins even if I absorb money on commutual the SBC's for packs.

It's not annihilation appropriate just some little acute moves and a little invested time. If anyone finds this advantageous I will be blessed acclaim guys.