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Oct-31-2018 Categories: news

I accept played amateur career approach in every FIFA aback FIFA 13. I accept had affluence of fun creating my own superstars and abstract bulk stories. However, with this years FIFA every individual bold has been a assignment to get through of FIFA 19 Coins and the amateur career approach has just become credible annoying. Actuality are a few affidavit why:

#1 Amateur bearing year

The amateur bearing year is bound to 1997. This has been the case aback FIFA 15 if I bethink correctly. It in fact doesn't feel like "starting as a adolescent prodigy" if you play your aboriginal bold at the age of 20 or 21. This needs to be anchored and finer during this FIFA.

#2 The abridgement of assertive information

I noticed this in the antecedent FIFA but anticipation that it was abandoned a glitch. About in this FIFA the aforementioned affair happened that if my amateur transferred to addition club the ahead accessible advice "Player X afresh accustomed from Club Y for Z€" is boilerplate to be seen. I apperceive that this is a baby botheration but it breach the captivation in fact badly.

#3 Gameplay

Where do I activate with this one. A lot of of the big problems accept already been patched i.e. bike bliss and torn acumen shots but there are still some bugs or appearance that accomplish my claret boil. Let's alpha with the actuality that my amateur gets ashore on every individual opposing player. It doesn't aggregate if my amateur is 6'8" and the adversary is 5'6", my amateur artlessly gets ashore on him and can't get accomplished him or blooper abroad from him. 

This makes dribbling and authoritative biting runs abutting to impossible.

The next botheration I accept is with the pace. Now, I can acclaim EA that it has fabricated the bold not about clip anymore, but I can aswell alarm them out on the actuality that they accept fabricated the clip abundantly illogical.

This is arresting on every individual through brawl that my striker gets. My strikers clip attributes are currently (72 Acceleration and 87 Dart Speed) and for some acumen if alcove the brawl in abounding dart he slows down to a point area a apostle ~10m abaft me catches up to me with ease. This just doesn't accomplish any faculty to me and it has beggared me of abounding ambition scoring chances.

Next up I accept to put my own teams AI. I accept absent calculation on how abounding times my aggregation tries to carbon the tiki-taka appearance football of Barcelona for no credible reason. They accomplish dozens of quick one blow passes but they abandoned end up accident the brawl because they fuck up one pass. All that carbon added for annihilation and my striker doesn't get any action. Afresh if they assuredly do adjudge to canyon the brawl it consistently comes air-conditioned late. My striker is either offside or confused to addition position.

#4 Improving the anemic basal ability

Currently the abandoned way to advance a players anemic basal is to account goals in altered ways. Goals in general, continued shots and volleys. Aboriginal of all, there is no way in my adeptness to accomplish a 5-star anemic foot.

Second, I would ambition that there would be added agency to alternation a players anemic foot. Maybe acceptable could aswell advance the anemic basal or completed continued passes or crosses. It is abundantly harder to even get 10 volleys on the anemic basal if you can about get any in your able foot.

#5 Customization options

This is a affair that has been requested for abounding years but I would acceptable tattoos and piercings to the amateur conception and customization. The added account online autograph and "cutscenes" accept been nice new visuals but sponsorships are aswell something new that would accomplish the amateur career approach added agreeable and interacting.

End of rant/highly adamant post.