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Dec-07-2018 Categories: news

Hi everyone, this is a continued column on why I anticipate EA should absolution a abject figure SBC now and my thoughts for a FIFA 19 adaptation of this SBC. I accept not included the accessible and capital acumen (correcting the abject figure prices on the market) in detail aural this post about FIFA 19 Coins. I'm absorbed in audition any added affidavit you anticipate we should or should not get this SBC. Try to angle the affidavit you accede with to Zaro or Corey in a affable address so they can advanced them to the figure SBC team.

Format of the SBC. The abject figure SBC should be a non-repeatable abecedarian aces pack. It should bulk about 350k - 450k with 83, 84, 85 rated squads with some IF's (possibly UCL agenda requirements as able-bodied to agitate things up). Anybody gets abandoned one icon, and with the abecedarian pick, hopefully one that fits in their aggregation until the appropriate prime SBC comes along. If a new promo comes out, EA can bead accession one of these (similar to the TOTW SBC). This arrangement would ensure the bazaar doesn't bang due to crowd from a repeatable sbc (due to advertise off) and anticipate too abundant aggrandizement for if assertive big prime icons drop. Also, if absolutely big icons drop, it will acceptable crave added than 1 icon, and if abandoned 1 abject SBC has been appear up till then, players still allegation to buy an figure from the market, which would accumulate these big icons at a reasonable price.

1. It will not be like WC mode. The WC approach gave out abandoned a few and some of the best icons (R9, Pele, R10, Maradona etc) in a repeatable SBC, so they were simple to pack, which is why it died out so quickly. We all knew the approach would be alive abandoned for 2 months and it was abundant arena with all of these cards in one team, an acquaintance I would never get in approved FUT and I'm animated EA gave me that opportunity. The SBC had low requirements AND it was so simple to backpack top rated cards to be submitted (2 things which don't appear in approved FUT).

2. Bigger cards than abject icons already exist. For example, let's attending at FB Dani Alves who has 2443 IGS and about an boilerplate 85 appraisement above every position on the angle afterwards a allure appearance (Futbin). There is in fact abandoned 1 abject figure with added IGS than Alves (Matthaus 2446). We could accept an all-embracing altercation about administration of stats, traits, height, WF and SM but all-embracing it is absolutely bright that an SBC agenda that costs 280k (PS4) is bigger than at atomic bisected of the abject icons (30+ cards). And there is no way the allure links from icons is annual an added 450k premium.

3. No anguish about advancing up adjoin crazy teams. It's awful absurd to backpack the cast of end-game abject Pele or Eusebio from this SBC anyway, so you will not accept to anguish about advancing up adjoin mega teams abandoned because of this SBC and aswell because of the non-repeatable attributes of the SBC. A lot of humans will end up packing absolute shitty midfielders and defenders which are worse than a lot of meta golds/IF's. But, it'll be absolutely fun because it will accessible up added amalgam possibilities.

4. Acclimation the aggrandizement on meta golds. The abject figure sbc would hopefully not abandoned absolute figure prices, but aswell prices of aggrandized meta golds. A lot of players allegedly wish to try icons but are angry abroad by the aggrandized prices and accept autonomous to use approved cards instead which accept pushed their prices up, so hopefully with this SBC, both the figure bazaar and gold markets will appear down to added astute prices (I'm not so assured about this, so absolute me if I'm wrong). It could aswell go the added way and with accession of icons, humans can hotlink up added of the meta cards in one squad.

After annual through Zaro, Corey and Freddie's tweets acknowledging the figure bulk issues and that they accept abreast the amenable team, I am optimistic about the affairs of the abject figure SBC or even Prime Figure Set 4 that does not accept an figure requirement. Afterwards the Set 3 accident and BF issues, this is a adventitious for EA to redeem themselves, appearance that they can in fact affliction about their abecedarian abject and in fact accept to what we want.