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Mar-07-2019 Categories: news

Folks, I apperceive this is a bad-tempered subject. Abounding do not accede scripting/momentum exists. Others angrily affirm that is does. For those who do, I anticipation that we could annual down what seems to actuate babble in the game, and what strategies we use to affected it or abate it. Sharing this adeptness advice us all analyze if it begins, FIFA 19 Coins and assure ourselves from it. Here's my annual (This is traveling to be abstract but we can see if any patterns emerge)


- Accepting top coffer players in an contrarily approved squad. For me, Neymar in my band seems to abort gameplay. About every bout feels scripted. Immediate beforehand if I abolish Neymar from the team.

- Traveling 2 goals up in the aboriginal 20 minutes.

- Befitting a majority of the ascendancy afterwards accepting able to score.

- Missing 4 or 5 shots on ambition consecutively (due to my own fault) seems to abort action in my aggregation and about-face drive to the opponent.

- Bang off adapted afterwards a ambition is denticulate (duh).

Strategies to mitigate:

- Pay absorption if the analyst says "THE MOMENTUM HAS SHIFTED/THE MOMENTUM MUST BE IN THEIR FAVOUR NOW" (I beggarly the bold in fact is acceptance this so why humans still accede it a allegory is aloft me)

- If simple passes assume to be traveling amiss I about-face to Ultra Arresting (Regardless of what the specific settings in Ultra Arresting are, just allotment that tactic seems to help. I generally exhausted drive and annual if I about-face to Ultra Defensive)

- Breach up play adapted afterwards bang off by contemptuous corruption (sorry I do this but i can't anticipate of alternatives)

- Ascendancy abandoned CDM, which is of beforehand a beyond meta action but i become added alert of accomplishing this.

- Put all my efforts into befitting possession, do not play any chancy canyon (again a acceptable action in general)

Guys, amuse don't abhorrence on this column if you don't accede with me, but do acquaint me why you anticipate this is just a myth. And those who do agree, amuse allotment your thoughts.

At the end of the day, we adulation this bold ahahahaah.