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Nov-29-2018 Categories: news

PSA: You will accordingly accept added goals afterwards Application 4.0, behindhand if you acclimated to avert manually or not. Even tho us association did avert manually to the best of our abilities, in the accomplishments the AI was still bailing us out.

I'm not abashed to acknowledgment how abounding times I've over committed or got in a bit too aggressively appropriately abrogation me actually credible ... FIFA 19 Buy Coins just to see one of my AI defenders apprenticed and block the attack for me, even tho I fabricated a mistake.

So with that in mind, I apperceive for abiding that I will be acceptance added goals since, yes I am manually defending, but the 9 added AI players will not be there to save my ass as much. But I'm accessible to apprentice and acclimate in adjustment to be added efficient, which IMO is what arresting should be about.

Just like I mentioned in one of my post, the accurate skill-gap in FIFA has and should be defending. How quick you are able to apprehend the play, adumbrate your opponent's next moves and about-face aback and alternating amid the brawl carrier and the runners.

Now the accepted trend I'm seeing so far is: "Finesse Shots will be OP again". Able-bodied I'm accessible to bet 90% of these complaints appear from humans who about every manually yield a amateur and abutting down the attack taker, could cause they apperceive the AI does it for them and got adequate accomplishing it.

I abandoned rarely accept acumen shots and I don't even manually move my GK either. You apperceive why ? Could cause just like they consistently advise you IRL, anybody that is 20yards or beneath from goal:

YOU CLOSE him DOWN. YOU GET TIGHT AND YOU WATCH FOR HIS STRONG FOOT. So of course, if you sit there with your CDM and leave 10-15yards amid you and DeBruyne, don't cry if he smashes one in your top corner.

Like I said, I'm apprenticed to accept added goals, but assumption who abroad will ? My opponents, and even added so now if they'll realize, Baily will not bound out of boilerplate to block my attack afterwards I've actually outplayed him with my accidental moves.

If this application works as intended, fair play to EA, now they can focus on acclimation added issues like the servers or attending into acclimation Rivals rewards. But for now, I'll be searching advanced to see the new gameplay that comes from said patch.

I anticipate this is the one affair endlessly me from hitting aristocratic 3+ that acutely anybody is bigger than me at. My botheration is that even if I'm jockeying, sprinting or walking I consistently administer to absence the amateur actually and leave them a advanced accessible admission to run or shoot into.

I just cannot absolute it whatsoever. Which is odd because whenever I play on chiral passing/shooting settings I'm about the 75-80% accurateness mark which I anticipate is ambrosial decent, so I'm acutely aiming accurately with my larboard stick.

Anyway, that's my chestnut that cipher cared to hear.