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​FIFA 19 - I adulation football and I play fifa a lot

news Jan-10-2019

​FIFA 19 - I adulation football and I play fifa a lot

I adulation football and I play fifa a lot, if I don't play I like to trade, assay and analyze players and if I am abroad from animate I'm logged on appealing abundant every day with maybe few skipped canicule in a month. Not abiding if that's the alone factor, FIFA 19 Coins but based on my backpack luck I accept my annual is somewhat flagged as "addicted" in EA database, which is a play that no bulk of his bead he'll accumulate advancing aback to the game.

Me, not packing any agenda account added than 100k aback alpha of fifa 18 is a circadian aliment to me, but whenever any promo is on I see backpack weight bottomward even lower than usual. Over the endure 15-20 packs I accept not get a individual lath (mega packs from DR, 2 weeks MM, toty nominee, few upgrades)'

In FIFA 18 I did 95% of accessible circadian and account sbcs, every MM, played band battles over a ages to Aristocratic 1 / Aristocratic 2, did absolute rui costa and del piero sbc, "all profitable" alliance sbc and additionally I had 5-6 top alliance SBC finished, weekend alliance rewards (gold1-gold3), all avant-garde sbcs.

In FIFA 19 I did all advances sbcs, all circadian sbcs, mm, band battles for ages to aristocratic 1/elite 2, WL gold 1-gold3, DR analysis 5-4-3 untradable packs, a lot of assisting alliance sbc.

My best pulls out of absolute FIFA 18 and FIFA 19 so far:

Best NIF - Walker account 95k (value affected at the time of accepting packed)

Best IF - Pastore 86 account 45k at the time

Best UCL - Marquinhos account 25k at the time

Best red account agenda in Fifa 18 - 86 SIF Bonaventura

Best red account agenda in FIfa 19 - 86 SIF Cancelo

Best SCREAM - some abandon bulk 12-13k, I anticipate it was Bender

Best OTW - 0

Best TOTGS - 0

Best MOTM - 0

Best TOTY - 0

Best TOTS - 0

Best figure - 0

PS: I'd like to acknowledge all of the humans who backpack top rated cards, as afterwards them I'd accept Kyle Walker or Roberto Firmino as the best agenda I got to play with.

PS2: I apperceive that it's simple to say that is absolutely luck based because it's cool to verify it, I accessible agnate bulk of packs as youtubers do on their RTG and differences are not commensurable at slightest.