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​FIFA 19 - How to advance Pro Clubs

news Apr-08-2019

​FIFA 19 - How to advance Pro Clubs

I anticipate EA are crumbling a huge abeyant with Pro Clubs. Here's my thoughts on how to advance it. In every fifa aback 2014, we play in actuality a lot of pro clubs with my accompany and candidly i in actuality acquire that it is one of the a lot of fun modes in the bold if not the most. However, aswell in every fifa, we acquisition a LOT that EA can fix/add to the bold mode. I can't acquire how addled EA is appear convalescent pro clubs. Actuality are some of my thoughts on how to advance the bold mode.

This is traveling to be a continued one.

Whenever i go to some forums to apprehend about this, i see a lot of posts about how humans ambition added celebrations or hair styles etc. And that gets me absolute balked because i anticipate there is a lot to advance on the admission itself rather than accepting like hairstyles. So here's a baby account that i got, you guys can add your own opinions as well:

1- The bots are in actuality annoying: and im not even talking about their bold play. About all of them, the goalkeepers included, are like 170cm. Candidly EA, it shouldn't be too harder to accomplish the automatically generated players taller than 170, abnormally the defenders and the goalkeepers.

2- I would LOVE to see a way to get absolute players to our pro clubs teams. Added we go up in the divisions, bigger players we can get. With a FUT-like arrangement with coins for example: With every game, you accomplish coins and application those coins, you can buy Sergio Ramos to your defence for example. Of advance players like Ramos would abandoned be unlocked/affordable if you're about the 1st division.

3- Football/soccer accepting a mostly European sport, and English accepting an all-embracing language, i deceit blanket my apperception about the actuality that the measures are in the administrative arrangement and not in the metric system. You can't change the measures on the settings either. (Or if you can, i couldn't acquisition how to do it) You acquire to change the accent of the accomplished game.

4- Why not add a way to go to drop-in with friends? Or some array of accession “quick-play” advantage you can go into with your friends.

5- You can't get any added credibility to deliver afterwards you play 100 matches. I can see the acumen abaft this, but i still don't like the actuality that you are added or beneath ashore with your all-embracing at some point. At atomic could we get some added ancestry we could add to our players with the amateur we play afterwards 100 matches?

6- I ambition there was added appropriate options. We already acquire the custom admission in FUT breadth you can chose how agressive or how wide/tight you ambition your aggregation to be etc. Why not add these already absolute mechanisms to pro clubs?

Now assimilate some bugs that were in the bold aback 2014:

- Goalkeepers accepting ashore with the brawl and not accomplishing annihilation until the 6 abnormal are anesthetized and they about bang the brawl (usually to the opponent)

- Every already in a while, if you've got the ball, you can't move. Your amateur just gets paralysed. You can abandoned canyon or shoot, FIFA 19 Coins but the analogs dont plan to in actuality walk/run.

- This one is new: even admitting you're adapted footed, your amateur positions himself with a left-footed position as absence on the chargeless bliss (this one is candidly just funny)

Some words about the hairstyles: there acclimated to be an advantage to get dejected hair colour in fifa 16 if i'm mistaken. In fifa 17, they removed it. Why... would you... remove... an already absolute hair colour? I in actuality don't see the point.

Whatever guys, apologetic about the continued post, i just achievement that some humans from EA alpha animate actively on this admirable and air-conditioned fun mode.