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​FIFA 19 - How in the apple do I cantankerous to my ST

news Jan-14-2019

​FIFA 19 - How in the apple do I cantankerous to my ST

I'm abiding if you're annual this you accept to anticipate I'm a dunce. But really, how do I get a cantankerous into my ST? If I put max adeptness it goes to Hazard, if I put low power, it goes to my opponent. If I put boilerplate power to buy Fut 19 Coins, it still goes to fucking Hazard. My ST is FB Zlatan but I can't assume to acreage a cantankerous assimilate his head.

Is there any types of crosses to ensure that it will go to Zlatan added frequently?

I had this botheration in the aboriginal few amateur with Ibra, he just seemed to be abaft the action and so the brawl wouldn't go to him. Here's a few tips - try them out if you can, in SB or DR. They formed for me.

1) FB Ibra's workrates are the aforementioned as POTM Auba's. However, Auba was accepting on the end of so abounding crosses for me. I wondered if it was because Auba was just abundant faster. To accomplish up for the clip gap, I instructed Ibra to Break Advanced (so he doesn't run aback on defence) and Break Central as well, area his headers do the a lot of damage. He seems to be accepting added in the air now.

2) Cantankerous earlier. Crop the babysitter out of the bold by bridge abundant beforehand than you anticipate you charge to. Esp with wingers/fullbacks with acceptable bridge stats, the ambit they get on the brawl should be able to angle it accomplished the aboriginal apostle and get it assimilate the arch of Zlatan.

3) Accompanying to the point above. Ambit on the crosser is important. My FB Juanfran is usually the crosser, and I accept Catalyst on him - I acquisition it makes his crosses pinpoint. He is closing in on 300 assists from about 800 games. Absolute appropriate return.

4) I've apparent it mentioned actuality that you can try a lofted cantankerous (L1+cross). Frankly I haven't approved it abundant because I am accepting in actuality a bit of joy with the accustomed cross, but in approach it's annual a shot, accustomed that Ibra is so tall. He should be able to win in the air if the cantankerous is lofted and takes a while to drop.

Hope these plan for you. Try them out in the training games!