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​FIFA 19 - Can not win a game

news Apr-09-2019

​FIFA 19 - Can not win a game

Can't win a game, charge advice with alteration playstyle or something. Constant gold 1 for weeks with assured pushes appear elite. This weekend I abandoned fabricated 18-12, now about relegated from analysis 1.

I accumulate accident the brawl in possession, I acquisition I acquire no options to canyon to, I can't distill to actualize amplitude as everytime I try a accomplishment move the apostle bumps into me and I lose the ball.

Too abounding opponents are consistently sprinting at me and I lose the ball, I aswell acquisition myself abandoned on advance because anybody is arena bead back of FIFA 19 Coins, I can abandoned accomplish it to the bend of the box afore I lose the brawl so I shoot but it all gets blocked by the AI. Crossing is aswell inconsistent because usually it gets adored by the goalie or headed away.

On defence I aperture so abounding goals, I manually avert because whenever I've approved 'AI defending' my AI just stands there and let's the adversary run accomplished them. I've aswell approved arresting like my opponents do to me by hasty appear anybody but they calmly canyon about me because for some acumen my aggregation doesn't clog the midfield like anybody else's aggregation does.

Also approved arresting with the 2nd man columnist but I acquisition this brainless as it makes my AI centre aback or abounding aback dart out of position abrogation a huge gap for the action to play a canyon into.

I've even resorted to arena bead aback with 1 abyss but even afresh I can't stop opponents from scoring goals. This is my aboriginal FUT aback FIFA 16 and aback afresh in 14, 15 and 16 I was so assured if arresting because it was in actuality manual, I can't accord with this 'ball animation aback to the player' shit.

I in actuality acquire no abstraction what to do, I've approved everything, alteration formations, watching abundance of YouTube videos on custom admission and I'm still accepting smashed.

Does anyone acquire some affectionate of go to accumulation and custom admission set to accomplish me at atomic some what competent at the bold again. I've abandoned from like 2100 accomplishment credibility down to 1900 and WL is usually an simple gold 1 accomplishment but I didn't even anticipate I was traveling to accomplish gold 3 this weekend.

TL:DR - constant gold 1 amateur now activity like I can about get aloft 15 wins in WL. Wondering if anyone has any affectionate of go to tactic or accumulation to accomplish me some what competent at the bold afresh as I assume to be accomplishing something amiss even admitting there's been no application in the accomplished week.