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Nov-28-2018 Categories: news

Full disclaimer: I was one of abounding who accustomed the new application originally as I acquainted that players accepting able to columnist for 80 ' was unrealistic, even admitting it was to my advantage a lot of the time. 

Disclaimer pt. 2: I use low-rated golds with a few silvers and accomplish hybrids in FUT. I apperceive I am in the tiny minority, but I acquire been arena FUT like this aback apparently FIFA12 and it is the way I acquisition I a lot of adore arena the game.

Having said that, it is now way apish on the added end. Aback the latest patch, my players acquire no backbone by minute 35. I'm not exaggerating either: by the 35th minute my absolute aggregation (barring the two cbs) acquire 0 backbone remaining. I do alpha the bold on connected pressure, I apperceive the application addresses that and that it is my best to play that way, I get that. But at the aforementioned time, if you're cogent me that able footballers can't handle bisected an hour of top acuteness football afresh I'd say you're crazy.

By the additional half, it makes in actuality no aberration whether I columnist the dart button at all. My players cannot even jog- by this point all they can do is airing briskly. I acquire to set it to Ultra-Defensive, bead back, all players to 'Stay Aback on Defence' just to acquire a chance. And if I'm not already up by that point, overlook it. You cannot account goals with 10 men continuing in your own box.

In the accomplished few games, I acquire in actuality had added team's CDMs and even CBs appear aerial accomplished me down the field, in actuality just traveling in a beeline band off a through ball, and there is not one amateur of abundance who can achievement to bolt up. It's about like arena adjoin the AI on Amateur breadth you can just play a through brawl and all the defenders will just stop and beam at you as you fly through. Combine that with the change in Manual Arresting and I adeptness as able-bodied just acquire cones out on the acreage instead of players.

Now to what I apprehend will be the a lot of accepted answers:

1) "Just buy players with super-high stamina!" -Of advance that is the a lot of accessible affair to do, but it decidedly anchorage down the amateur basin that we can apprehend to be able to play with then.

2) "Stop arena connected burden then!" -I acquire this is what I'll end up doing, but it makes Connected Burden appealing abundant abstract in the game. Why awning a tactic that through a application can no best be used?

3) "You're never traveling to win arena with those affectionate of teams!" -But this is what makes FUT agitative for me. If I capital to play with Messi, Dembele, Vidal & Coutinho all the time afresh I'd just play Head to Head and not acquire to anguish about exercise or coins. For me bisected the fun is accepting able to use beneath accepted players, acquisition gems, be artistic with hybrids, etc. My almanac isn't great, I'm alone in Div. 6 and yet I acquire that FIFA 19 Coins. I apperceive I'm not traveling to become a admirable like this and that's ok with me. It's just you acclimated to be able to play with low-rated players and still acquire a adventitious if you were alright at the game, but it seems beneath and beneath the case these days.

It seems to me like this just promotes added and added of the "One Aggregation One Way to Play"format that we've apparent yield over FUT over the endure few years. Sweaty PL or La Liga side, sit aback all game, play one through brawl down the wings and afresh diaphoresis it into the goal. Rinse and repeat. Who knows, I just feel FUT is starting to lose it's abracadabra and this application is a ample allotment of it. I'll acquire to acclimate and get over it.

Sorry for the continued post... I apperceive this is apparently traveling to get downvoted to hell with the approved "uR ShIt giT GuD" comments but I capital to see if anyone abroad agrees. Cheers!

Edit: I assumption I should analyze that I don't anticipate that players should be able to columnist for the accomplished bout or annihilation like it. By minute 60 I should by itself be accepting to accompany subs on or change my approach to acclimate to the game. And of advance players with top backbone should acquire an advantage in this arena style. Its just that I anticipate not accepting able to even jog by the 35th minute is a tad extreme. Thanks for befitting it civilian admitting guys, I acknowledge that a lot of humans will not accede & that's fine!