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​FIFA 19 - Arresting tips and bad habits

news Apr-11-2019

​FIFA 19 - Arresting tips and bad habits

Hi there, I'm a D4 / Gold 2 amateur and I anticipate I'm a appropriate defender, about I consistently accept one or two goals per bold and I'd like to advance my defence to the next level.

I feel I still acquire bad arresting habits from antecedent Fifa games. This is how I defend, what should I change?

- Circle, X, Square, L2 jockey: application PS4 controls, I NEVER use the L2 jockey if defending, it in fact makes a difference? I use amphitheater arrest abandoned in the opponent's acreage to try to antithesis the ball, this accouterment is actual advancing and your amateur gets in fact arctic if you fail, so abandoned in the advance area. If arresting in my breadth afresh I use X accouterment abandoned because your amateur doesn't get arctic and aswell you can't force penalties while with amphitheater and aboveboard you get penalties instantly. I abandoned use the aboveboard accouterment in 911 situations if I'm atrocious to stop the attacker.

- R2 sprinting: we all apperceive that you shouldn't R2 dart all the time if advancing because any appropriate adversary will abduct the brawl bound but, what about defending? I ALWAYS authority R2 if arresting because contrarily is absurd to chase the attackers, I charge to dart to accumulate up with them. I apprehend actuality that you shouldn't dart if arresting but I acquisition this impossible.

- AI defence: I ascendancy the CDM's while arresting and let the AI to ascendancy my CB's, LB and RB. They block shots and passes way bigger than me, I in fact NEVER ascendancy them and try to cut passes authoritative my CDM's. About if my adversary is acceptable he will acquisition a way to canyon my AI defenders and score. Bad habit? Should I ascendancy my defenders added often?

- I NEVER use two players defence application R1, accession bad habit?

- Bend defence: I consistently abode my tallest apostle in the abutting column and adjure the adversary is not cool acceptable with headers, but in fact generally they score.

So this is how I defend, I'm appealing abiding there's allowance for improvement. Thanks!