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Dec-06-2018 Categories: news

The Fifa 19 bazaar has been absolute altered to antecedent years. The boilerplate abecedarian now earns far added coins due to Rivals and changes with Weekend League.

The botheration is that humans accept to abandoned wish to play with meta players that are 'overpowered' or that Youtubers recommend.

Rare gold players such as Virgil van Dijk shouldn't still be over 150k FIFA 19 Coins but the acumen that they are is artlessly accumulation and demand.

A repeatable figure SBC isn't the solution. I abandoned had every figure in the World cup approach and although I enjoyed arena with the cast of Ronaldinho and fat Ronaldo, it broke the purpose of accepting a World Cup mode.

Everyone played with icons and abandoned allotment aptitude from their home country admitting their stats convalescent afterwards matches.

The acumen cards such as UCL Reside Kimpembe are at their max BIN is because it's a lot harder to body hybrid's afterwards icons.

I accept the next figure SBC should be:

1, Not repeatable.

2, Not crave an icon.

3, Crave several top rated squads (whether that's several 87's or 85 through to 88's) or some variation.

Some icons are absolutely abominable and their bulk should reflect that. I feel like artificially banishment the bulk to 730k by accepting the accepted figure SBC's crave an figure just agency it's not accessible for an boilerplate abecedarian to anytime achievement of accepting one.

Some humans may wish to play with Van Der Sar as he's their hero. If the SBC didn't crave an icon, he may end up costing 300k and can be looked at as an accession for allure over De Gea/Courtois etc. Instead, he serves no purpose added than to be SBC fodder.

Back in Fifa 17, you could aces up abounding altered 'legends' for 120k.