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Mar-10-2019 Categories: news

First things aboriginal these are just a accumulating of a few of the suggestions I accept apparent on this sub about how to fix fut champs rewards.

What is bright is that as red abecedarian picks currently are they are inherently broken. I accept got gold every anniversary and got one accessible player. My brother has played 2 weekends and got argent 1 and has a abecedarian that is bigger than the 30 or so I accept in my club.

Even the top players are generally bombastic if you get them. Endure anniversary we had Zaha, Messi, Deulofeu, Subasic, Martinez, Antonio, Jovic, Veratti and Sanchez who all had complete appropriate cards that equalled or bettered their in forms.

What's the complete point of these players?

Suggestion 1 - No Red duplicates.

First off this needs to arise whatever abroad changes. The actuality you can aces a red abecedarian and afresh get that aforementioned abecedarian in your next abecedarian aces is an complete joke. You can't aces him so what's the point if it accepting there.

Suggestion 2- Red players are dynamic.

Having red players advance as they get added informs could be a appropriate way of them application annual throughout the game.

Suggestion 3 - Red players calculation as in forms.

Unlikely for EA because it would accompany the bulk of SBCs down, but if it's an SBC with let's say an 86 or 87 claim a red 77 isn't traveling to be abundant advice, cheap FIFA 19 Coins and I anticipate it's added than fair abundant to be able to abide your harder becoming top red players.

Suggestion 4- Red abecedarian SBC.

Basically let's you abide X bulk of red players in an SBC to bandy for a college rated card. It could be either a specific agenda or a minimum 85 agenda for example.

Would allegation to be tweaked so that it's fair for players with bad luck and will not accept Argent 3 players swapping to get Messi every week. Maybe you accept to authorize for the SBC based on the rank you finish. It needs some anticipation but I in fact anticipate this is a fair way of accomplishing it.

Suggestion 5- minimum appraisement rewards.

This is my claimed favourite at the moment. Argent finishes accept best ratings you can get in your abecedarian picks, I anticipate it is in fact arbitrary that the college ranks shouldn't accept minimum ratings.

Something forth the curve of gold 3 - at atomic one 81+ Gold 2 - at atomic one agenda 83 + Gold 1- at atomic 2 cards 83 +...

Elite should at the minimum accept at atomic one of their red choices as an 85. By at charter one what I beggarly is, they get 5 altered red cards to aces from, one of those cards is affirmed to be at atomic 85.

Please add any added suggestions you anticipate I accept absent and I will amend the list.